Edit Movie Or Video Clips In Your iPhone 4

Apple iPhone is not just good for communication, it can also be your portable movie/video editor. There is this app called “iMovie” which is the official application of Apple to let users record, edit and publish high-definition videos easier.

With iMovie, you can create better clips to show to your friends online or via MMS. Currently, it is offered in iTunes for $4.99. This is a very low price for a precious app that you can use to satisfy your artistic taste of a good customized movie clip.

How to Edit Video/Movie Clips

Step One: Launch iMovie from your Springboard and tap the ‘+’ button as instructed.


Step Two: Select the theme which best suits the movie you will be editing. Should you also want to use the theme’s music, you just have to toggle the button from OFF to ON. Of course, do not forget to tap on “Done” button thereafter.


iMovie offers five built-in themes you can choose from, namely; Bright, Modern, News, Playful and Travel.

Step Three: You will be brought to a screen wherein you have to choose whether to import previously saved media or to record from your iPhone’s cam.


Usually, I record video using cameras with high caliber lenses; I just don’t like the resolution of iPhone’s camera. Thus, I usually import videos to my iPhone rather than to record.

Step Four: When you import some videos to your iPhone, you will be able to choose from the thumbnails the video you want included in the timeline. The video clips that you put in the timeline are the ones that will be shown in your movie.


Step Five: Once you have added the clips to the timeline, you can edit them the way you want. You can move the clips forward or backward with a single swipe. To set the Title Style, Location or turn the audio off, you just have to double tap on the clip to open Clip Settings; you can even delete it from there.


After you’ve set everything, just tap on “Done” to proceed.

Step Six: Now, if you want to import another clip to add to your timeline, you can set the transition in between those clips the way you want it. Basically, the transition is the filler that connects the one clip to the other in your timeline. Double tap on the transition button to choose the type you want to use in between your clips.


There are four options you can choose from;

  • None – if you choose this option, there will be a blank transition button between your clips; it indicates that there is not transition effects.
  • Cross Dissolve – as what the name describes.
  • Theme – it sets the kind of transition the matches the kind of theme you selected before you began editing the project.
  • Duration – it will set specific time the next clip shows in seconds.

Step Seven: If you think the movie clip you are making is good enough and want to share it with your friends, you just have to export your customized movie. Just tap on “Project View” button and you will be able to see the export button from there. There are also three export options you can choose from; Medium (360p), Large (540p), and HD (720p).


Actually, the steps presented in this guide are so basic. You can do hundreds of things with iMovie iPhone app. All you have to do is to make yourself acquainted with the interface and functions of all buttons and you can create professional video clips out of your iPhone.

iMovie for iPhone (iTunes link)


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