5 Eco-Friendly Charging Devices to Keep Your Mobile Devices Running

5 Eco-Friendly Charging Devices To Keep Your Mobile Devices Running

Fewer things are more frustrating than having your mobile phone or tablet running low on power, especially when there is no outlet in sight. As the world shifts to a deeper shade of green each and every day, it is no surprise that there exists a wide variety of eco-friendly mobile charging devices on the market that make powering up a breeze.

In order to keep your phone or tablet up and running in a way that does not require electricity, consider one of the five eco-friendly charging devices listed here.

Pocket Socket 2

Pocket Socket 2 eco-friendly charging device.

Whether you are an avid traveler, lover of the outdoors, or simply a respecter of eco-friendly gadgets, the Pocket Socket 2 is the perfect way to charge your mobile device without the need for a plug-in. This pocket-sized generator is powered by human force – hand cranking provides the electricity needed to boost your device in any situation. Users can use the Pocket Socket 2 for tablets, mobile phones, mp3 players and cameras, and it sells for an affordable $64.95 online.

XDModo Solar Window Charger

XDModo Solar Window Charger

Another great option for the eco-friendly mobile device user is the XDModo Solar Window Charger. Its small, sleek design makes it portable and easy to use as its reusable silicone attachment sticks to any window surface. The small solar panels in the device collect enough sun energy to fully charge a variety of mobile devices, and the current is kept even when your device is not plugged in. The XDModo Solar Window Charger sells for $31.99 online.

BoostTurbine 2000

BoostTurbine 2000 eco-friendly charging device.

Similar to the Pocket Socket, the BoostTurbine 2000 is another hand-generated power source for mobile devices. With no need for an electrical hook-up, this eco-friendly, miniature charger takes only a few minutes of work to get your device up and running. The BoostTurbine does not work as well as the Pocket Socket when a device is completely dead, however. This device sells for $69.99 online and in some retail stores.

MyFC PowerTrekk

MyFC PowerTrekk eco-friendly charging device.

MyFC PowerTrekk is a unique mobile device charger that uses the power of water and salt combined, with both elements contained neatly in a waterproof enclosure that takes up less room than your actual device. When solar energy is not abundant or a hand generator just won’t do, MyFC PowerTrekk can be used to provide enough green electricity to fully charge a smartphone or tablet. This mobile charger does require you to purchase a salt puck in addition to the charging unit. The combination of the two costs users $158 and is only available online.

EnerPlex Surfr

EnerPlex Surfr eco-friendly charging device.

Another option for eco-friendly mobile phone users is the EnerPlex Surfr. This lightweight solar panel cell phone case harnesses the power of the sun and turns it into electricity that is strong enough to charge your mobile device. EnerPlex Surfr was designed to be ultrathin as well but is durable enough to protect your device from dings or scratches. This charging device is only available for iPhone 5/5s and iPhone 6 users at this time and can be purchased online for $89.99.

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