The Complete Hardware Buying Guide


Are you keen to build your own computer, but have no idea on how to choose the most compatible hardware for your rig? Fret not, The Complete Hardware Buying Guide by Christopher Harper shows you what you need to build your computer, what to look out when buying the hardware, and how to get the best performance out of your buck.

After completing this ebook, you will have the complete knowledge of selecting and buying the best hardware for your computer.

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Table of Content

Chapter 1. Opening Statements

Chapter 2. Buying a Processor: What You Need to Know

  • Brand – What do you want, and who suits you better?
  • Needs – Productivity or Play?
  • Other Questions

Chapter 3. Buying a Motherboard: Form Factor, Ports, and More

  • Form Factor
  • Ports and Extras
  • Chipsets and Sockets
  • Overclock and GPU Support
  • Recommended Motherboard Manufacturers
  • Closing

Chapter 4. Buying Memory/RAM: What to Know

  • RAM Types
  • Laptop RAM
  • RAM Capacity
  • RAM Frequency
  • Recommended RAM Manufacturers
  • Closing

Chapter 5. Buying an SSD: What to Look Out For

  • Drive Capacity
  • Manufacturer
  • Read/Write Speed
  • SATA 3 Support
  • Price and Spec Comparison
  • Additional Storage: Buying an HDD

Chapter 6. Buying a Graphics Card: FPS, Benchmarks and More

  • Price/Performance – What do I want, and how much am I willing to spend?
  • Brand – What’s the difference between Nvidia and AMD anyways?
  • Deciding on Your Graphics Card
  • Recommended GPU Brands

Chapter 7. Buying a Power Supply: Wattage, Efficiency and More

  • Wattage and how much you really need
  • Efficiency – the higher you can afford, the better
  • Modularity and what it means
  • Branding and why it is important
  • Good Brands For PSUs
  • Closing

Chapter 8. Buying a Case: Drive Bays, Form Factor and More

  • Form Factor Support and Size
  • Expandability (Drive Bays, etc.)
  • Airflow (Fan Mounting, Size, etc.)
  • Extras (Cable Management support, etc.)
  • Recommended Case Manufacturers
  • Closing

Chapter 9. Buying a Monitor: What to Look For

  • Video’s Input Port
  • TN or IPS?
  • Screen Resolution and Size
  • Refresh Rate and Response Time
  • G­Sync and Other Special Features
  • Recommended Monitor Manufacturers

Chapter 10. Buying a Keyboard: For Work, Play, and Everything in Between

  • Mechanical or rubber dome?
    • Mechanical Keyboards
    • Rubber Dome (and/or Membrane)
  • Is it ergonomic?
  • Macro keys, media keys and other special keys
  • Other special features – passthrough, N­key rollover, and more
  • Recommended Keyboard Manufacturers
  • Closing

Chapter 11. Buying a Mouse: DPI, Sensors and More

  • Mouse Sensor: Optical vs. Laser
  • Mouse Grip
  • Mouse DPI, Accuracy and Acceleration
  • Mouse Software, Hardware and Customization
  • Recommended Mouse Manufacturers
  • Closing

Chapter 12. Closing Statements