Building Interactive Longform Storytelling Contents on WordPress


Your website is boring if you’re doing it like the majority of website owners today. There might be nothing more than several short articles in plain text and a few static images here and there. To have a more successful website you need to join the next phase in web content evolution: interactive longform storytelling.

This ebook is all about interactive longform storytelling: what it is, why you need to embrace it and its benefits, how to create one, and the available tools to help you create your first longform content.

If you are a proud WordPress web owner and you want to get higher engagement from your visitors, more love from Google, or simply want to create cool content to impress your friends, then this eBook is for you.

After reading the ebook, you will be able to create your first interactive longform content and will be on your way to having a higher-ranking WordPress website.

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Table of Content


  • New York Times Snow Fall
  • The Avalanche of Possibilities

Chapter 1. The Emergence of Longform Storytelling

  • Snow Fail
  • Similar Projects

Chapter 2. Embracing Longform Storytelling

  • Google’s Obsession
  • How Long Is Long
  • The Advantages
  • The Disadvantages
  • Longform Storytelling and WordPress

Chapter 3. The Alternative Engines

  • The Elements
  • The Plugins
  • The Themes
  • The Builders

Chapter 4. Crafting Your Own Stories

  • The Sky Is the Limit
  • Aesop’s Fable
  • Not Exactly from Scratch

Chapter 5. Elements Assembly!

  • Installation and Setting Up
  • Step by Step, Ooh Baby!


  • The Future of Online Publishing
  • Mobile and Apps