Linux for Beginners


You have heard a lot about Linux, how it is everywhere, powering all the websites, gadgets, mobile devices out there. And perhaps you are tired of your Windows or Mac operating system that you are exploring the possibility of switching to Linux. If that is the case, then this ebook is for you.

Today, Linux powers the vast majority of the Internet. It dominates the smartphone market, and it’s even behind nearly every supercomputer on the planet. Companies worth billions of dollars have sprung up around Linux, and it drives several massive modern industries, including cloud computing.

Whether you actively use Linux on your computer or not, your life would be a lot different without it.

In this Linux for Beginners ebook, you will learn what Linux is, what Linux distributions are, what desktop environments are, how to install them, how to use the terminal, how to install
software and many other key skills

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Table of Content


Chapter 1: What Is Linux?

  • A History Lesson with Unix
  • GNU
  • Tux, the Linux Mascot

Chapter 2: Linux Distributions

  • What's a Distribution?
  • Why Distributions?
  • Today’s Top Distributions

Chapter 3: Desktop Environment

  • What Is a Desktop Environment?
  • Why Do Desktop Environments Matter?
  • Desktop Environments vs. Window Managers

Chapter 4: Users And Permissions

  • Root
  • Regular Users

Chapter 5: Command Line Basics

  • Why the Command Line Matters
  • Basic Commands You Should Know

Chapter 6: Installing Software

  • What Is a Repository?
  • What Is a Package Manager?
  • Package Managers
  • Graphical Tools
  • Updates And Upgrades

Chapter 7: Applications

  • Web Browsers
  • Office
  • Email Clients
  • Photos/Graphics
  • Torrents
  • Multimedia
  • Gaming

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