The Definitive Guide to Gaming on PC


Have you ever wanted to play games on your PC, but are not sure if your PC is up to the mark? This Definitive Guide to Gaming on PC ebook by Christopher Harper teaches you all you need to know to start gaming on your PC.

Sure, it doesn’t require much experise to be able to play Sudoku on your PC, but if you are thinking of playing graphic-intensive games or a fast-paced network-intensive MMORPG, you will have to configure (or upgrade) your PC for the best performance.

In this book you will learn about the ways to identify your computer hardware including motherboard, RAM, CPU and graphic card, and will learn where to buy games (for cheap), as well as how to troubleshoot common gaming issues and set up various game controllers on your PC.

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Table of Content


Chapter 1: Understanding Your System

  • Identifying Your Motherboard
  • Identifying Your RAM
  • Identifying Your CPU
  • Identifying Your GPU
  • Identifying Your Storage Drives

Chapter 2: Buying Your Games

Chapter 3: Installing and Troubleshooting Games

Chapter 4: Playing Games

  • Setting Key Binds, FOV and Mouse Sensitivity
  • Using Controllers and Gamepads
  • Steering Wheels and Other Peripherals

Chapter 5: Optimizing Games

  • Why FPS Is Important
  • When It’s Okay to Have Less FPS
  • Common Settings to Adjust

Chapter 6: Notable Technologies

Chapter 7: The Best Games