The Complete Windows 10 Customization Guide


3rd Edition: Ebook updated with 7 FULL CHAPTERS of Customization Tips for Windows October 2018 Update

2nd Edition: Ebook updated with 6 FULL CHAPTERS of Customization Tips for Windows Creators Update

When purchasing a Windows 10 machine for the first time, it can be very exciting to see all the new features the OS has to offer. Windows changed a lot with the jump to 10, and even those who have decent experience with previous Windows versions may find it hard to navigate the new iteration of the operating system.

Probably one of the first things you want to do with a new operating system is learn how to change it to better suit your needs. Windows 10 is set up to work perfectly “out of the box,” but there are a myriad of options and settings you can use to make the Windows 10 experience your own.

In The Complete Windows 10 Customization Guide ebook, we’ll be exploring the multitude of options at your disposal as well as how to access them. By the end of this ebook, you’ll know how to make Windows 10 your own and become a Windows 10 expert user.

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Table of Content


Chapter 1. Users

  • Changing an Account’s Name
  • Changing an Account’s Picture
  • Changing the Role of an Account
  • Login Using PIN Instead Of Password
  • Setting Up Windows Hello (October 2018 Update)

Chapter 2. Desktop

  • Changing the Desktop Image
  • Set Visual Theme
  • Set Sound Theme
  • Theme Saving and Loading
  • Change Folder Icon
  • Show File in Folder
  • Optimizing Folders
  • Enable Dark Mode for Explorer (October 2018 Update)

Chapter 3. Start Menu

  • Accessing the Start Menu Options
  • Add Room for More Tiles
  • Change the Size of the Start Menu
  • Customize What You See in the Start Menu
  • Modify Tiles on Start Menu
  • Make Start Open in Full Screen
  • Windows 7 Style Menu (Manual)
  • Windows 7 Style Menu (Classic Shell)
  • Windows 7 Style Menu (Creator’s Update)
  • Adding Folders (Creator’s Update)

Chapter 4. The Taskbar

  • Prevent the Taskbar From Being Moved
  • Change Location of Taskbar
  • Hide The Taskbar
  • Combine and Uncombine Icons
  • Customise Color and Transparency (Creator’s Update)

Chapter 5. Power Options and Screen Savers

  • Change Power Plan
  • Customize What the Power Button and Closing Laptop Lid Does
  • Set and Change the Screen Saver

Chapter 6. Lock Screen and Screen Timeout

  • Accessing the Lock Screen Options
  • Change Screen Timeout and Sleep Timers
  • Set an Automatic Lock Screen After Screensaver
  • Set an Automatic Lock Screen After Sleep Mode
  • Show App Status on Lock Screen
  • Set Lock Screen Image or Slideshow
  • Adding Dynamic Lock (Creator’s Update)

Chapter 7. App Settings

  • Set Default Apps for Files
  • Change Which Drive New Files Are Saved To
  • Uninstall Software

Chapter 8: Cortana

  • Modify Content
  • Enable/Disable “Getting to Know You”
  • Enable “Hey Cortana”
  • Remove Cortana From Taskbar
  • Add Weekly/Monthly/Yearly Reminders (Creator’s Update)

Chapter 9: System

  • Set Up Quick Actions
  • Set Quick Folders
  • Change System Language
  • Change keyboard language
  • Change Computer Name
  • Change System Font Size (October 2018 Update)

Chapter 10: Privacy

  • Accessing the Privacy Settings
  • Allow/Forbid Location Services
  • Allow/Forbid Specific Apps from Knowing Your Location
  • Set General Privacy Options

Chapter 11: Getting the Creator’s Update

  • Through Windows Update
  • Manually Download the Update

Chapter 12: Game Bar

  • Enabling Game Bar
  • Recording with Game Bar
  • Taking Screenshots with Game Bar
  • Using Game Mode

Chapter 13: Night Light

  • Activating Night Light
  • Setting The Night Light’s Schedule
  • Setting the Temperature

Chapter 14: Premade Themes

  • Search for Premade Themes
  • Buying and Using Premade Themes

Chapter 15: Windows Updates

  • Defer Updates Before Installing
  • Set Active Hours

Chapter 16: Touchpad Settings

  • Edit Touchpad Settings
  • Edit Gestures

Chapter 17: My People

  • Setting Up My People
  • Using My People
  • Pinning Contacts to Taskbar

Chapter 18: Timeline

  • View Timeline
  • Stop Activity From Appearing
  • Clear Activities from Timeline

Chapter 19: Focus Assist

  • Enable or Disable Focus Assist
  • What the Settings Do
  • Adjust “Priority Only” Apps
  • Set Rules

Chapter 20: Windows Ink

  • Enabling Windows Ink
  • Using Sticky Notes
  • Using SketchPad

Chapter 21: Cloud Clipboard

  • Enable Cloud Clipboard
  • View Cloud Clipboard
  • Pin Clips to Clipboard
  • Clear Clipboard Data

Chapter 22: Snip & Sketch

  • Activating Snip & Sketch
  • Taking & Editing Screen Snips
  • Use “Print Screen” to Activate Snip & Sketch

Chapter 23: Your Phone

  • Setting Up “Your Phone”
  • Sending Texts
  • Viewing Photos