The Beginner’s Guide to KDE


If you are planning to switch to Linux from Windows, then KDE is probably the desktop environment for Linux that you should check out.

Among all the desktop environments for Linux, KDE resembles the Windows interface the most. In fact, with its plethora of customization options, it is much better, more beautiful, and friendlier than Windows.

In this Beginner’s Guide to KDE ebook, we are going to show you the complete guide to use and customize KDE. We will show you where you can obtain your copy of KDE and walk you through all the sections of KDE so you know how to navigate your way around the desktop environment. Adding to that, we will show you the various ways to customize KDE so you can personalize the desktop to make it your own.

With this ebook, you will become a KDE expert in no time!

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Table of Content


Chapter 1. The Best Places to Experience KDE

Chapter 2. Using the KDE Plasma Desktop

Chapter 3. KDE Widgets

Chapter 4. KDE Activities

Chapter 5. KDE Applications

Chapter 6. Customizing KDE

Chapter 7. Tweaking KWin

Chapter 8. Changing the Wallpaper

Chapter 9. Application Menus

Chapter 10. Language Settings

Chapter 11. Panel Settings