5 of the Best Ebook Readers for Windows

Ebooks provide one of the most convenient ways to read on digital devices like Kindle, mobile phones, tablets, laptops, desktops, etc. In fact, ebooks have almost become a suitable alternative for most of us to read material from novels to educational content. The popularity of dedicated devices like Kindle are a proof for that.

Ebooks are mostly available in PDF, ePub and Mobi format. While Windows supports PDF files, it doesn’t natively support the ePub format. Here are some of the best ebook readers for Windows.

1. Sumatra Reader

Sumatra is a popular, free, lightweight, and portable PDF and ebook reader for Windows 10. Apart from the regular Ebook format .epub, Sumatra also supports a variety of other file formats like PDF, MOBI, CHM, XPS, DjVu, CBZ and CBR. Being a simple application, the user interface itself is pretty minimal.


However, the Sumatra reader lacks some advanced features like bookmarking, highlighting, etc., which most users take for granted when reading ebooks. That being said, Sumatra is a great choice if you are looking for a capable and lightweight application that just works.

2. Icecream Ebook Reader

Icecream Ebook Reader is a dedicated ebook reader for your Windows desktop. Along with the ebook formats like .epub and .mobi, Icecream also supports other popular formats like FB2, PDF, etc. The free version of the app is pretty limited but lets you track your reading progress, add bookmarks, categorize ebooks, take notes on certain sections of the ebook, change the font size and type, etc. Moreover, being a win32 application, you can install it on almost any Windows version from Vista and up.


If you are a regular ebook reader, do give Icecream Ebook Reader a try and see if it fits your needs.

3. Bookviser Ebook Reader (Windows 10 App)

Bookviser is one of the most popular ebook readers when it comes to the modern apps in Windows 10 and 8. Compared to all the other readers here, it has almost all the bells and whistles you will ever need like bookmarking, adding notes, changing ebook background colors, changing fonts, highlighting certain parts of the Ebook, ability to find definitions to certain words, etc.


If you are looking for a full-fledged ebook reader for Windows 10, then do give the app a try.

4. OverDrive for Ebooks and Audiobooks (Windows 10 App)

OverDrive is yet another popular ebook reader for Windows 10. Just like Bookviser, OverDrive is also a modern app with all the necessary features like bookmarking, ability to change the font type and size, the ability to maintain a library of ebooks, three pre-defined color schemes to suit different lighting conditions, etc.


Apart from reading regular ebooks, OverDrive can also act as a capable Audiobook reader with necessary features like the ability to forward and rewind, add bookmarks, increase the reading speed, etc. So, if you maintain a collection of ebooks and Audiobooks, OverDrive may be the application for you.


5. Calibre Ebook Reader

Calibre Ebook Reader is one of the best ebook management tools that lets you easily read and organize your ebooks. The good thing about Calibre is that it is portable and cross-platform compatible, so you can use it on Windows, Linux, and MacOS.

Do comment below if you think I missed any of your favorite ebook readers for Windows.

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  1. ICE Book Reader – this one is really great.

  2. Nice to read your article but yes, you missed two excellent e Book Readers for PC. The first is ‘Reader’ form Sony and the second is ‘Bluefire Reader’ ( www.bluefirereader.com). Both of those are Free and available for Windows 10. To me if any document or book reader application does not allow to highlight a text I have no value for it. Any serious reader in the world ( I believe most of the readers would agree) would require two functions – highlighting text and a to create a small notes of the reader’s choice. I am very happy to use both as those two have the attributes.
    I can dare say that there cannot be, as of now, a better eBook Reader and Manager than ‘CALIBRE’. This the best Free gift Mr. Kovid Goyal has given to the readers of the world.God bless him! But as every rose has its thorns Calibre Reader does not allow text highlighting. Thousands of requests by users had been sent to Mr. Goyal to add this feature but he did not do it as yet.
    I am not ashamed to confess that I am a novice and views expressed is personal without any bias. As novices learn by facing hurdles at every step I wish to add a tips if any novice like me ( if at all there are any!) requres it. Editing PDF books is a problem whether it is copy protected or not. Even Foxit Reader ( Free and my favourite) does not allow to change a word. There is a Free Word Processor – ABLE WORD’, opens most of the PDF files. One may open, edit to the requirements and then export it as PDF again.

  3. Thanks for sharing the info
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