7 of the Best eBook Readers for Android

7 of the Best eBook Readers for Android

With the invention of smartphones and tablets, eReading has grown in popularity over the years with many preferring it to the traditional way of buying and reading paper books.

Finding the perfect eBook reader can be quite tedious because there is a wide variety of apps on the Google Play store, and they all have their pros and cons.

In this list we have chosen some of the best eReaders for Android, and they’re all free so you can test out each one of them if you want.

1. Moon+ Reader


Moon+ Reader is a very highly-rated application for reading a wide range of eBook formats on your Android device. With support for fourteen different formats such as epub, pdf, chm, mobi, fb2, html and more, there’s a strong chance that Moon+ will satisfy your reading needs well.

It supports online eBook libraries where you can get tons of free eBooks, and it has really nice features like gestures to navigate through a book quickly, real page-turning effects, bookshelf organization, landscape mode, highlight, dictionary, translation and more.

It comes with over forty languages and has a pro version where you can get a couple more additional options for a small fee.

2. Adilko Reader


Adiko Reader is another eBook reader with a very good reputation on the Google Play store. It has over 25 million downloads, and it supports the popular epub and pdf formats as also supports Adobe DRM encrypted books.

It has a very friendly user interface and is well optimized for usage on both phones and tablets. You can import all your books into the app and organize them by tags or categories. It allows you to easily navigate through a book and create bookmarks of your favorite spots.

If you leave the app at any point, it remembers your position in a book automatically and continues from where you left off when you resume reading.

3. Amazon Kindle


If you’re a lover of eBooks, there’s a big chance you’ve heard of the Kindle book reader developed by Amazon. They also have an Android app that gives you access to over a million books, magazines and newspapers, meaning you do not have to own a Kindle device to use it.

Once you’ve signed into the app, you can shop for books or choose from the numerous free eBooks available to settle down with. Its most exciting feature, from my own perspective, is that it synchronizes automatically across all your devices, including your PC or Mac, so you can always read the same book on multiple devices.

4. Kobo eBooks


Kobo eBooks is another Android application that provides an easy way to read books on your smartphone or tablet.

With this app you get access to over 4 million eBooks including bestsellers, classics, magazines, comics and children books. You can also preview thousands of books before buying them, and there is a great collection of free books to download and read.

It has support for the world’s most popular languages, and you can share your reviews of your books on social media as well as quotes and notes. There is also a sync feature that keeps your reading experience the same across all your devices.



Similar to Amazon Kindle, NOOK gives you access to over 3.5 million books, comics, magazines and more. You can sample any of the books before you buy and subscribe to over 1000 newspapers and magazines.

It’s pretty easy to navigate through the app and shop for books either in the app or via the Nook website. There’s a night mode for night-time reading and configurable options such as zoom view, font sizes, portrait or landscape mode and screen magnification for low vision or blind users.

6. Cool Reader


Cool Reader is one of the most highly-rated eBook readers on the app store with a 4.5/5 average rating and over 10 million downloads. It is a free and open-source reader that can also be found on Windows and Linux.

While its user interface is a bit dated, it is a fairly solid app with plenty of support for different eBook formats such as epub, mobi, txt, html, fb2 and more. It has fairly good customization options and text-to-speech support as well as day and night modes, external css, dictionaries, and more.

7. FBReader


FBReader is a fast and higly-customizable open source book-reading application that can make your reading experience a lot easier and more fulfilling.

It supports multiple eBook formats and also the synchronization of your library or reading positions via its book network. In addition it is localized for thirty-four different languages and allows you to browse online catalogues and libraries to expand your book selection range.

Let us know your favorite eBook reading app for Android or if we missed out on any other great eReader applications in the comments section below.


  1. I have tried all of the readers listed above and found that Mantano Reader had the best features and compatibility of any that I had encountered. The premium version also offers (a subscription) cloud storage for your library that stores annotations and reading progress.

    I think you’ll be thoroughly impressed with the differences.

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