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With the proliferation of smartphones and tablets, the act of reading has changed from flipping the pages of a book to swiping on a screen. With more and more people now preferring the digital screen to the traditional way of reading books, it is important to use the best ebook reader for the task. These are some of the best ebook readers for Android. They’re all free, so you can test out each one of them if you want.

1. Moon+Reader

Price: Free / $4.99

Moon+Reader is a highly-rated application for reading a wide range of ebook formats on Android. With support for 14 different formats, such as EPUB, PDF, CHM, MOBI, FB2, HTML and more, there’s a strong chance that Moon+ will satisfy your reading needs as well.

Best Ereader Apps Moon Reader

It supports online ebook libraries where you can get tons of free ebooks, and it has really nice features like gestures to navigate through a book quickly, These include real page-turning effects, bookshelf organization, landscape mode, text highlight, dictionary, translation and more. In addition, there are a few customization options available in reading mode, including dark mode, the ability to switch between different fonts, select font size and color, and change the background image, as well as load themes.

The app comes with over 40 languages and has a pro version, where you can get a couple more additional options for a fee.

2. Aldiko Reader

Price: Free / $4.99

Aldiko Reader is another ebook reader with a very good reputation on the Google Play Store. It supports the popular EPUB and PDF formats and also Adobe DRM encrypted books.

Best Ereader Apps Aldiko Reader

The app boasts a very friendly user interface and is well optimized for usage on both phones and tablets. You can import all your books into the app and organize them by tags or categories. The service allows you to easily navigate through a book and create bookmarks of your favorite spots. A dark mode for reading after sundown is also included.

Readers using this app have access to a virtual store where they can purchase new books. A section of public domain books is also available, which features free books you can download. The free version of Aldiko Reader includes ads, while the paid version removes them and adds a reading-aloud option, among other things.

3. Amazon Kindle

Price: Free

While Amazon produces its own Kindle, it also has a Kindle app for you to access your ebooks on your Android devices.

Best Ereader Apps Kindle

Once you’ve signed into the app, you can shop for books or choose from the numerous free ebooks available to settle down with. Book readers can have their pick from a variety of customization settings while reading, including selecting the desired text size, font, or color.

Its most exciting feature, from our perspective, is that it synchronizes automatically across all your devices, including your PC or Mac, so you can always read the same book on multiple devices. It’s super handy!

4. Kobo Books

Price: Free

Kobo Books is another alternative for accessing and reading books on your Android smartphone or tablet. The app boasts an extensive library of ebooks including bestsellers, classics, magazines, comics, and children’s books.

Best Ereader Apps Kobo

Users can also preview thousands of volumes before buying them, and there’s also a pretty big collection of free books to download and read. If you prefer listening to a book instead of reading it, Kobo also has an audiobook library available for you to browse through.

Kobo brings support for the world’s most used languages, and you can also share your reviews of the books you’ve read on social media, as well as quotes and notes. In addition, there’s also a sync feature that keeps your reading experience the same across all your devices.


Price: Free

Barnes & Noble’s NOOK app can also be a solution for book lovers who are looking for a new ebook reader app. Similar to Amazon’s Kindle, this app gives access to a large database of books, as well as magazines and comics. Readers can sample all books before buying and subscribe to a selection of newspapers and magazines. NOOK also puts at your disposal a large database of free titles, so you can start a new book risk-free.

Best Ereader Apps Nook

It’s quite easy to navigate through the app and shop for books either in the app or via the Nook website, if you prefer to do so. There’s a night mode for night-time reading and configurable options such as zoom view, font sizes, portrait or landscape mode and screen magnifications for low-vision users.

6. Cool Reader

Price: Free

Cool Reader is an app which has been around for some time and can also be found on Windows, Mac and Linux. It’s a free and open-source reader, and while its user interface is a bit dated, it remains a pretty solid app.

Best Ereader Apps Cool Reader

It offers support for plenty of different ebook formats such as EPUB, MOBI, TEXT, HTML, FB2 and more. Moreover, it has fairly good customization options while reading, as well as text-to-speech support, light/dark modes, external css, dictionaries and more.

7. FBReader

Price: Free

FBReader is a fast and highly-customizable open source book-reading application that can make your reading experience much easier and more fulfilling.

Best Ereader Apps Fbreader

It supports multiple eBook formats and also the synchronization of your library or reading positions via its book network. What’s more, it allows users to browse online catalogs and libraries so they can expand their book section range.

8. Foxit PDF Reader

Price: Free / $0.99

If most of your digital library consists of PDF files, then the Foxit PFD Reader may be just what you’re looking for. The app offers great cross-platform support, as it’s available for Android, iOS, Windows, macOS and Linux.

Best Ereader Apps Foxit Reader

Regarding functionalities, Foxit has advanced annotation features and allows you to access your PDF database from the cloud. The app also includes a useful scanning option, so you can easily turn any physical document into a PDF by following a few steps. When it comes to reading, the app can read you your documents out loud, which is quite handy.

9. FullReader (formerly FReader)

Price: Free / Donation-based

FullReader is an ebook reader app for Android that boasts a modern-looking interface and brings support for a wide range of ebook formats, as well as comic books ones and audiobooks.

Best Ereader Apps Fullreader

Customization options during reading are robust and include things like setting your own page background, light/dark mode and setting the font type, color and size. A read-aloud feature is also included in the package. The app is free to use but contains ads.

10. Wit Reader

Price: Free

Wit Reader is an app with a minimalist interface that delivers a robust experience. It may not offer support beyond the most popular eBook formats (PDF, EPUB, MOBI, FB2), but that should be fine for the vast majority of readers out there. The app bundles a dark mode and features a translation tool which can be very handy for those who are not reading in their native language.

Best Ereader Apps Witreader

Other than that, the app has all the customization settings you may crave, including zooming in/out, the ability to easily change font type and size, and even an option to choose a different background beyond the standard black/white options. What’s more, the app also includes a Book Store where you can find a selection of classical books. Last but not least, the Wit Reader is free to use and isn’t plagued by any annoying ads.

11. Libby by OverDrive

Price: Free

With libraries across the world being forced to shut their doors to the public due to the pandemic, Libby by OverDrive may be the next best thing for those who prefer to borrow books.

Best Ereader Apps Libby

Libby quickly connects you to one of your local libraries and gives you access to their digital databases. From there, you can browse, select and send new books to your reading device. Of course, users can read from the app itself it they choose to and even take notes.

We’ve saved this app for last because it’s not functional for everyone. Depending on your location, you may find nearby libraries you can connect to.

If you own a large library of ebooks, perhaps you’d also like to learn how to convert PDF files to EPUB or MOBI formats or how to manage your ebook library with Calibre.

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