The Easy Way of Doing Résumés, with Novorésumé

All of us have had that panic: There’s a great job available that you want to apply for, but they are requiring you to send a résumé, and it’s been awhile since you updated it. But who wants to dig up that file and revise/redo it?

Thankfully, Novorésumé has a solution. This web-based résumé service makes organizing and creating your résumé a breeze. Additionally, it allows you to craft cover letters and CVs as well.

Learning About Résumés

There is nothing to download except your résumé once you get it finished. You can do it all at after signing up. I did most of it from the browser on my iPad.


However, I did run across a few glitches. I couldn’t add four digits for the years of my work experience, and it would only allow me to rate myself “five stars” in one skill. I like to think I excel in several skills. I finished on my iPad, then had to transfer to my Mac to fix those areas. However, the developer has assured me that the next version will be much more mobile-friendly.


You don’t even have to know how to craft a résumé, as it’s just a matter of following a template. Additionally, there is a page that will explain for you the “anatomy of a perfect résumé,” and after you have finished putting it all together, it will offer you tips to make it better.


You don’t have to pay anything at all to create a great résumé. You can create a résumé for free right on the site. You will be offered predefined layouts to make a one-page résumé.


But if you would like the “extras” and to make a more unique résumé, you can opt for a paid plan. One month will cost $15, or you can pay $9.99/month for three months or $6.99/month for twelve months. You will get Senior CV templates up to three pages long, custom layouts, cover letter templates, the option to create up to eighteen different versions per language, multiple languages and video tutorials, and up to twenty more color themes, and additional fonts as well.

Choice of Style

You’ll have your choice of eight differently-styled templates for résumés and CVs. If you aren’t sure whether you want to do a résumé or a CV, don’t worry. You can always change from one to the other while you are creating it.


Additionally, it provides you with résumé examples for different professions, such as nursing, business, software developer, bar manager, etc., to help you decide how yours should look.

Creating Your Résumé

Your template will open up blank, and all you need to do is fill in your information. That’s it.


The template will open up with your name and email at the top, and it’s up to you to fill in a title for your job description, phone number, address, and also a photo. You can decide how much of your address you want it to display.


After creating the upper portion, you just need to fill in your work experience, education, skills, personal projects, and other additional information you may choose to include.

Again, everything is laid out for you. You just need to fill in your own information. For your work experience, you just need to add a job title/position, the name of the company, and the dates, and then add the achievements/tasks you’ve had at that particular job. You can also add information for a contact at that company if you so choose.


You need to proceed in this fashion to add all your additional job experience, as well as your education, personal projects, etc. For your skills you just need to list them and then rate yourself. That’s the hardest part – rating yourself.


At this point in the building of my résumé, a popup appeared telling me that the one-page limit had been reached. I had to decide whether to limit my information to one page or switch to a multi-page CV, which I could do since I was working off a paid plan. I chose to stick with one page because I have so much work experience but didn’t feel I had enough other info to balance it out. So I chose to just include my most recent experience.


However, I did reorganize the format to fit my chosen information better. You can go to the “Layout” tab and move things from column to column and add and delete sections as well. I chose to leave Education out, as I never completed college and wanted to focus on my other strengths.


After you finish creating your résumé, there is a “flag” to the left that makes suggestions for you. There are some things that they ask you to revise and other things they suggest you change. It’s up to you, of course, what you choose to change and what you choose to leave.


Finishing Up

When you are completely finished with your résumé and have made the requested changes, you can download the file to your system. Despite having to go back to my computer to fix those glitches I had from creating my résumé on my iPad, I chose to finish on my iPad.

There is a menu option highlighted in green to help you find your downloading option. Clicking this will present you with a PDF. You can choose to save, export, print, etc., whatever your OS allows you to do with a browser-created PDF.

It should be noted that you can always come back to your résumé and make changes. I had to do that myself. I noticed while preparing images for this review that I had forgotten one of my main tasks here at Make Tech Easier: Editing. I went back and made the change easily.


There is also an option to help you create a cover letter to send with your résumé, if you are on a paid plan. You will most likely be creating different cover letters for the different companies you apply to. You can keep coming back to the website to change/create and download.



Creating résumés doesn’t need to be difficult. Novorésumé takes away all of the stress behind creating one, helping you every step of the way. Applying for jobs is difficult enough. Why stress out and make it any more difficult than it needs to be?

Professional Résumé Templates – By Novorésumé

Laura Tucker
Laura Tucker

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