Easy Customization of Firefox With Configuration Mania

Power Firefox users will know that they can ‘hack’ the Firefox via the about:config option. However, most of us out there don’t even know the existence of about:config, and for those who do, there is another issue of understanding the technical jargons and find out what the settings do.

With the help of Configuration Mania, you can now edit and customize your Firefox settings without going to the about:config page.

Configuration Mania is a Firefox add-on that allows you to customize your about:config setting through a user-friendly interface.


There are several categories in the Configuration Mania menu (In your Firefox, go to Tools -> Configuration Mania), namely Browser, Security, HTTP Network, UI and Debug.

The Browser tab allows you to configure the performance of the browser. You can configure the browser to add prefix (www) and suffix (.com) for any words in the location bar, autocomplete web address, determine how images are displayed, tab management, location bar behavior, paint and rendering, browser cache, download alert and many other settings.

The Security tab deals with security issue like Javascript behavior, network and cookie stuffs.

HTTP Network determines the connection with web server while the UI allows you to customize your mouse and keyboard behavior.

Configuration Mania works in both Firefox 2 and 3 beta. Since there are some architectural differences between Firefox 2 and 3, and the browsers in different platforms, you might find that some of the settings might work for one, but not the others. Nevertheless, it is still a quick and easy way to customize your Firefox, without getting your hands dirty.

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