Easily Save Maps For Offline Use in Android

If you are relying heavily on Google Maps on your Android phone to find your direction, you will be glad to know that you can save an area for offline use. This is useful as it allows you to plan ahead of your journey and prevent data usage while on the move.

Saving the map is very easy.

1. Open the Google Maps app in your Android phone and navigate to the area where you want to save. (make sure you are connected to the WiFi network).

2. Tap on the three vertical dots button (at the lower right corner) and select “Make available offline”.

google-maps-make available-offline

3. You can then zoom in/out to fit the required area into the blue box. Once you are done, press “Done”.


That’s it.

Update: The latest Google Maps update has removed this feature.

To cache maps in the new Google Maps app, first navigate to the preferred location, then type “OK Maps” in the search bar. This will cache the map, which means you will be able to access it even when you are offline.


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