How to Easily Mount NTFS Partition in Mac Snow Leopard

While Mac Snow Leopard comes with support for NTFS volumne, it doesn’t really automatically mount it (or provide you a way to mount it) upon booting up. Most people resort to MacFuse and NTFS-3G while others tried various hacks just to get their NTFS partition working in the Finder, with varying success. If you are looking for an easier (and painfree) way, you should check out NTFS mounter.

NTFS mounter is a simple utility designed to mount NTFS volumes in read/write mode. It is based on the built-in NTFS support within Mac SL, so there is no hacking or modification of any kind. The best of all, there is no configuration required and it just works (at least for me).

Download NTFS mounter.

Open the dmg file and drag the NTFS mounter icon to the Applications folder.

Go to your Applications and open the NTFS mounter app.

You should now see a black cat icon at the menu bar.


Click on the black cat icon and (if nothing goes wrong) you should see your NTFS drive listed. Click the respective entry to mount your NTFS drive. That’s it.


Note: If you are using other ways to get mount your NTFS, you will have to eject the volume first before it can be mounted by NTFS mounter. Once you have ejected the volume, you can try to select it again from the menu.

Give NTFS mounter a try and tell us if it is better than MacFuse/NTFS-3G.


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