Easily Manage Your Tasks with Wunderlist

Have you ever forgotten to reply to an email or phone call? We all have. Most us lead hectic lives and forget about the little to-do’s that we mentally setup for ourselves. Thus we all could use helpful task management solutions that record our tasks and display them to us so we do not forget completing them.

The internet offers a variety of task management web apps. These apps range from free to paid apps. Normally the free apps only offer a basic interface with task recording capabilities. But with “Wunderlist” you get a free task management solution that offers a lot more.


Wunderlist is a free task management web app that lets you record your tasks and organize them. Like many other free task recording web apps, Wunderlist can be used to create to-do lists so you do not forget about the tasks that need completing. But in addition to the basic to-do list creation feature, the app lets you easily organize tasks, eliminate them, create lists of tasks, and search between tasks. And the best part is that you perform these functions via hotkeys. The hotkey support is what makes Wunderlist fast and stand out from the competition. Additionally the site provides desktop and smartphone clients that make it easier to add and read tasks from your Wunderlist task lists.


You start using Wunderlist by creating an account on the site. This requires you to only type in an email address and a password. If you prefer, you can sign in by connecting through your Facebook account.


With the account created you will be automatically signed in and task list will be displayed. This task list will actually reveal the hotkey shortcuts that can be used on the site.


New tasks can be entered using the space provided on top of the task list.


Tasks in the list can be organized simply by dragging them into their new positions. In case you want to create a new list and place tasks into it, start by first typing the “L” key. This is the keyboard shortcut for creating a new list. This new list will appear on the right pane where all the task lists are displayed. From here you can simply rename your newly created tasks list.


The right pane is also where the search bar is located. This search bar can be used to find tasks from your lists.


To prioritize tasks within a list you can click on the star icon next to them to highlight their importance. To indicate that a task has been completed you can click on the checkbox on their left. This will shift the tasks to the “Recently done” category located at the bottom of the list.


To the top right of the page you will find options to print out all your tasks, email them to somebody, or share the tasks with CloudApp that generates a public URL for your tasks.


Wunderlist also offers free desktop and smartphone clients for various platforms that you can use to easily record new tasks to your Wunderlist tasks lists and read tasks off them.



Along with support for hotkeys, lists, and printing, Wunderlist also offers clients for iOS devices, Android, Windows, and Mac. And all of that for free. A task management like this is simply excellent.

Check out Wunderlist by clicking here.


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