How To Easily Manage Windows Drivers And Their Services

serviwin_teaserIf you want to have a visual overview of what hardware is installed on your computer, you will need to open the Device Manager in Windows. While Windows Device Manager is good, it does not provide detailed information about the installed devices. However, ServiWin will let you manage Windows drivers with the detailed information that Windows Device Manager doesn't provide.

ServiWin is a portable tool which can help manage Windows drivers and services by displaying a list of what is installed. It also gives the status of the service whether it is stopped, started or disabled. The list of information ServiWin provides is quite long. The information further includes Startup type, Error Control, dependencies, file version, company, file location, command-line etc.

Manage Windows drivers with Serviwin

Since ServiWin is a portable utility, you only need to extract the executable from the zip file and run it. The interface of ServiWin is quite simple. Upon running, it will automatically display a list of drivers installed in the system. The information is quite in-depth compared to the Windows Device Manager.

ServiWin also displays a list of Windows services. You can switch between the list of drivers and services using F7 and F8 shortcut keys or from the View menu.

serviwin services

ServiWin marks the services and drivers using colors. The color coding is as follows:

  • Blue: These services are currently running in the system.
  • Red: These services are currently disabled.
  • Purple: These services start automatically on Windows Startup but are currently stopped.

You can start, stop, pause or restart a service or driver. To apply these actions, just right click the appropriate service and select the appropriate action from the Change Status submenu. To make it easier, the shortcut keys for these actions are as follows:

  • Stop -> F2
  • Start -> F3
  • Restart -> F4
  • Pause -> F6
  • Continue -> F9

serviwin show context menu

You can also search for a specific driver or service by its name on Google Search. For this, you will only need to right click the driver and select "Google Search - Executable name" or "Google Search - Service name".

An HTML report for the selected items of all the services and drivers can be prepared as well. For this, just go to the View menu and select the HTML report item.

If you are a network administrator and want to manage the drivers and services remotely, you can do so easily using ServiWin. ServiWin provides remote connectivity function for computers connected to the local area network. For connecting to the remote computer, go to the File menu and select "Select computer". From the next dialog box, select "Connect to the following remote computer" and enter the IP address or the name of the remote computer.


This tool is perfectly suited for network administrators who want to manage Windows drivers and services remotely. The only thing missing in ServiWin is the ability to install and uninstall device drivers. If this functionality is added to the software, it can easily replace the Windows Device Manager.

How do you manage your devices in Windows? Let us know in the comments area below.


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