Easily Create Blog Posts On The Move With Posterous Android App

Posterous is a simple blogging platform that allows you to create short simple posts with an emphasis on rich media content. It is possible to post from the web interface, however Posterous has made it incredibly easy to create posts from your mobile phones by emailing text and media to your personalised  account. Therefore, it is possible to create posts from any phone (smartphone or otherwise) so long as it has a data connection. While it is easy to create a post, it is difficult to edit or delete older posts that are already on your Posterous account since you are limited to only creating posts by emailing content.

Fortunately, the recently released Posterous Android App makes creating, editing and managing your Posterous account much easier.

Basic Posts

Once you have launched the Posterous app, you have the option to create a new post or “Login” to your Posterous account.


If you do not already have an account, create a post by clicking on “Post” and input a title and text of your choice.


You can additionally add media content and attachments by clicking on the “+” icon.


You can also add tags to to your post by clicking on the “i” icon.


Finally, once you are satisfied with your post simply click on¬† “Send” from the main posts page to create your post.


This will immediately create a post with your content on a randomly generated Posterous website.



You now have the choice of saving this randomly generated Posterous blog by clicking on “Save Site“.


Alternatively, if you already have a Posterous account you can click on “Login” to login to your Posterous account.


Account Management

Once you have logged in to your Posterous account you will see all your Posterous blogs.


You can create a new Posterous blog (click on “New Site“). Here you will have to choose a unique URL for your new Posterous blog.


If you click on one of your Posterous blogs, you can see the full list of posts you have already made on that blog.


You can also see the date the post was made on, the number of views it has, and the number of comments made on that post. You can also create a new post by clicking on “Post“.

If you click on an individual post you have the option to view the post (“View Post“), autopost the content (“Autopost”), or delete the post entirely (“Delete Post”).


Autoposting requires you to navigate to www.posterous.com/autpost. From here you can choose the social media sites to which you would like to autopost your content to. Unfortunately, this is something that has not been fully integrated into the Android app and it still requires you to access the Posterous website.


Clicking on “View Post” shows you the complete post directly on your Android Phone.


Finally, if you wish to change the photo and video quality of the media you are uploading you can do so by navigating to the “Settings” menu from the main blog page.



If you are a frequent blogger on Posterous, the Posterous Android app is an invaluable tool. Before, it was almost impossible to manage your posts from your Android phone. Now with the app, it is incredibly easy to do so. Furthermore, Posterous is a simple blogging platform at heart and the app mirrors this simplicity with a stripped down user-interface without a multitude of unnecessary options.


Posterous can be download and installed from the Android Market.

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