Easily Create and Insert HTM signature For Your Webmail

If you are bothered that you can’t create html signature in Gmail or other web-based email accounts, WiseStamp could probably be the answer to your problem.

WiseStamp is a Firefox extension that allows you to create and insert rich HTML signature for your Web-based email accounts, including Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail and AOL mail. After you have installed and get it running, you can create your own signature with a rich text editor and optionally, fill in your social network detail and get them to show up in your signature.

The WiseStamp Email Signature Firefox extension is still an experimental extension that is not yet approved by the Mozilla team. To install, you will have to create a Mozilla account and log yourself in before you can access the installation link. Alternatively, you can bypass the logging in by installing via the WiseStamp site.

Once you have installed and restarted your Firefox, you can access to the rich-text editor to create your html signature.

wisestamp rich text editor

You can also fill in your social networking detail and display them in your signature.

wisestamp setting

The Setting tab allows you to configure how you want to display the signature, whether to show an icon, text or both for the IM and social services. By default, WiseStamp include a promotion link in your signature. You can remove it by unchecking the box beside “Promote Wisestamp Project“.

WiseStamp email signature works on Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo and AOL mail. There is no extra steps required to insert the signature. Whenever you compose a new message, the signature will automatically be inserted to the message area.

If you are using Gmail only and are keen to create multiple html signatures, Blank Canvas Gmail signature would probably be a better choice.


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