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There are many reasons you might want to secure an online video and have it offline for later use. Perhaps you are doing some research and you don’t want to risk the videos you are using as reference becoming unavailable. Maybe you want to keep all the videos in one place so that you can go through them all without searching or waiting.

In another scenario, for example, you uploaded a video to a streaming site and no longer have the original but would like to recover it. If you have it saved offline, at least you can have a backup of it. Perhaps you are going away somewhere remote with no Wi-Fi for a month. You can line up a bunch of videos to keep you entertained. This review takes a look at EaseUS Video Downloader to see how it could help you out in these scenarios.

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Going Offline

EaseUS Video Downloader is an app that allows you to download video from your favorite video-sharing sites for use offline. The software is very simple to use and even includes its own search field so that you can hunt for videos on the subject you choose.

Easeus Installing

The top page is a shortcut page and includes links to all the most popular video hosting sites. From there, you have two additional tabs that do the actual work: “Downloading,” which is actually the video tab, and “Video to Audio,” which will download a video’s soundtrack as an audio MP3 file. This means that if you have a video and only want the soundtrack and not the visuals, you can download it as a ready-to-play MP3.

Easeus Start

In the settings menu option, you can set the download directory and tweak additional settings, like maximum downloads and auto resume on restart for those big downloads.

Standalone Video Librarian

Having spent a fair amount of time on vacation recently, and in a spot which while lovely had very little cell coverage or Wi-Fi, I wish I’d had the foresight to download a bunch of TV shows or movies to my laptop or iPad before I left. It’s easy to forget in the 21st Century that we won’t always be surrounded by Wi-Fi everywhere we go. That is especially true with entertainment. We take it for granted. It’s at times like this I realize the benefits of software that makes it easier to offline things I would normally consume online.

Easeus Main Search

Obviously, this is not an invitation to download things which don’t belong to you, and as long as a video is freely available to view online, there’s an arguable fair use case for offlining it legally, although a grey area. It’s a bit like recording a TV show off air for watching later and just a 21st century version of the old VHS recorders or Tivos.

The EaseUS Video Downloader software is simple and compact, not a heavyweight bit of code, and the controls are easy for anyone to understand. Drop a URL on the tab and wait for it to download to your previously specified directory.

Easeus Downloader Downloading

Although this is essentially a paid software, getting a feel for whether this utility would be the right solution for you is easy. There is a trial version you can download for free on the website. Once you’ve established that you’d like to buy it, all you have to do is pay, register the version you have already installed, and transform it into a paid version. Simple.

One of the biggest bonuses of the software for me was the ability to add multiple videos to the downloader and just walk off. The videos will be downloaded in order while I’m away or in the background of whatever else I’m doing.

Easeus Downloader Video Tab

The software does no transcoding, so the video is the same quality that was available to view online. This is both a good and bad thing as video designed for streaming is notoriously flaky quality on occasion.


You’ll pay different prices for the Windows and macOS versions of EaseUS Video Downloader. For the Windows version, you’ll pay $12.99/monthly, $23.99/yearly, and a one-time purchase of $39.99/lifetime. For the macOS version, you’ll pay $19.99/monthly, $29.99/yearly, and a one-time purchase of $49.99/lifetime.

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