EaseUS RecExperts Review: Screen Recording Made Easy

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  • Easy to use
  • Multiple file formats
  • Record meetings, streaming video, and screen regions
  • Basic editing tools built in


  • Free version is incredibly limited

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9 / 10

From Zoom meetings to epic gaming moments, you should be able to record what’s on your screen, and EaseUS RecExperts thinks so too. This screen recording tool puts the power to record your full or partial screen at your fingertips. But how well does it work in practice? I had the pleasure of testing the software to see how it works.

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Overview of Features

EaseUS RecExperts works on Windows 7 and higher and macOS 10.13 and later. It’s designed to make recording various things on your computer screen as easy as pressing a designated hotkey. Record online video meetings, streaming video, online presentations, and gameplay highlights.

Easeus Recexperts Review Installation

It’s also ideal for creating video tutorials. Use it to create backups of your live streaming sessions or ensure you didn’t miss anything in an important video call.

The great part is that you’re not forced to just record your entire screen, then try to edit it later. Instead, you choose the area, but it’s the full screen by default. You’re also free to record audio from your computer and/or mic. If you need a separate audio file, RecExperts lets you extract audio from video files, even while you’re recording.

Want to create more engaging presentations and tutorials? Take advantage of the web camera capture feature. Record both your screen and webcam video at the same time. This is perfect for teachers, YouTubers, and trainers creating tutorial videos.

Easeus Recexperts Review Webcam

As you may already know, recording Zoom meetings is limited to the host, so if you’ve been searching for information on how to record a Zoom meeting, your search may be over.

Not only can you record videos, but you can take screenshots, create GIFs, and edit your videos. Let RecExperts automatically stop and split videos for you with the Auto-Stop and Auto-Split features. And don’t worry about trying to remember to record something – just set a schedule, and the software will handle the rest.

Another benefit is that there are a variety of common file outputs. For video, choose between MP4, MOV, FLV, MKV, and AVI. For audio, opt for MP3, AAC, WAV, OGG, WMA, or FLAC. For images, choose between GIF and PNG.

Finally, you can set hotkeys for controlling the screen recorder, which makes it much easier to use.

Exploring the Interface

I personally expected a far more complicated interface. Instead, EaseUS RecExperts is surprisingly uncluttered. There are only five main screens:

Easeus Recexperts Review Main Screen
  • Screen – select between full screen or a region. You can also pick which audio to record, such as system, mic, and/or webcam.
  • Audio – select between system sound and mic.
  • Game – select a game you want to record and what sound you want to use.
  • Webcam – choose your webcam, sound source, resolution, and more.
  • Online Video – choose a streaming site you’d like to record. While some are listed, you can also choose “Other” for additional sites.

Most everything you need for everyday screen recording purposes is on the main screen. You can access settings, scheduling, and auto-split and stop features.

Easeus Recexperts Review Main

As far as settings, this is where you change file formats, storage paths, hotkeys, and other preferences. It’s actually quite easy to customize things to get the results you want.

Easeus Recexperts Review Review Settings

Recording the Screen

As a first test, I hit the big Record button and did a full screen recording of my desktop as I navigated to the MakeTechEasier website. I didn’t notice any kind of lag like I’ve experienced in some screen recorders. Honestly, throughout all my tests with EaseUS RecExperts, it was as if the software wasn’t running at all. For older computers, this could be a great choice.

Easeus Recexperts Review Recording Playback

I was also able to adjust the region to just record part of my screen, such as having side-by-side windows, but only recording on one of them.

I decided to play around with the editing tools on my short and sweet first test recording. Obviously, this isn’t a video editing software, but a recorder, so the tools are simple. However, I could trim videos, add intro/outro credits, extract audio, take screenshots, and adjust the playback speed.

Easeus Recexperts Review Extract Audio

Recording a Zoom meeting was just as simple. I set it to just record the meeting window and tapped “Record.” That was all there was to it. I pressed the F9 key (default hotkey for stopping a recording) to end it when I was done.

You’re also able to record from various streaming video sites. This includes social media, such as recording a livestream from Facebook. I gave EaseUS RecExperts a try with Amazon Prime and Hulu, just to see how it did with sites that normally block screen recorders. To my surprise, I had no issues. I just selected the service and refreshed my browser as advised, and it recorded.

Easeus Recexperts Review Video Websites

All files are listed in the software at the bottom-left corner. Check out what’s recorded, edit files, rename them, and even import other files.

EaseUS RecExperts Pricing and Support

While there is a free version, you’re not really going to get much out of it. It’s limited to one-minute recordings and one-minute playbacks. But, if you’re not sure if this screen recorder will work for your needs, all you need is a minute to test it anyway. There is also a 30-day money-back guarantee if the software doesn’t work as expected.

Easeus Recexperts Review Pricing

For what the software’s capable of and how easy it is to use it, I expected higher prices. You can get EaseUS RecExperts for:

  • Monthly – $19.95
  • Yearly – $39.95
  • Lifetime – $79.95 (only includes updates for that main version, such as all updates and versions of 3.0 but not 4.0 when it’s released)
  • Business – Starts at $99.95 for two licenses, but you can get custom licenses by contacting the company.

Support is available via detailed help articles, email, and live chat. The chat hours are 24 hours a day Monday through Friday and 9 am to 11 am UTC+8 on weekends.

Final Thoughts

Easeus Recexperts Review Final

If you want a straightforward screen recorder that’s fast, easy to use, and works for most purposes, EaseUS RecExperts is a solid choice. Thanks to the money-back guarantee and monthly plans, there’s no major commitment.

For a limited time, though, EaseUS is providing the first 100 readers to respond and use the code JFWC5-QL84Q-N1E7N-GNWYF-TVBR6 a one-month license.

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