DudePins Mimics Pinterest, Plans To Be The Similar Service For Boys

Pinterest stirred up the social scenario last year and it is continuing to do so. According to experts it had even surpassed the referring traffic count of Twitter. As time passed and more pictures got pinned on Pinterest, all those wedding dresses, nail polishes and cat pictures pointed to the evidence that majority (~80%) of the service users were women. That might just be a coincidence (as there were no claims of a planned move) that the style and mode of working lured women more than they did men.


Two guys Colin Brown and Kamil Szybalski from Vancouver decided to do something about that. A service aptly named Dudepins (dude for the boyish feel and pins for its propinquity to Pinterest) is aimed to offer an exclusive feel to male users who loves Pinterest. The service is quite rich with male content already.


The service is still in its beta stage and you will need to request for an invite to get in. Once your turn comes, you can get in to the service and set up a free profile. Everything after that works exactly like Pinterest. Starting from the repin, like, comment buttons to the floating grid like layout, Dudepins does everything the Pinterest way. The only thing that differs from Pinterest is the name for group of pins. Like Pinterest has boards, Dudepins have montages.


The startup is bootstrapped so far and claims to be growing satisfactorily in terms of users. The developers have a definite goal in mind to grow the web based app into a Pinterest modeled sharing platform for dudes. The users have obliged and if you visit the site now, you will be amazed to see the multitude of images of quotes, gears, gadgets etc that can be precisely termed as male interests.

However, to any startup enthusiast, it might seem nothing but a copycat of an already popular service. Not so long ago Pinspire attempted to make a Pinterest clone which will be targeted to country specific users. It showed an early glimpse of success but the traffic has substantially fallen after that. DudePins does just that with a Dude-ism involved. Gentlemint is another network that also aims to be the Pinterest for men and thankfully they have a different way to implement that. Maybe it’s not yet a successful service but they are unique in approach.

Only sharing dude content doesn’t make a Pinterest for boys. Pinterest’s appeal is more to do with the aesthetics than to the sheer chick content on the site. Since the style is appealing, Pinterest grew into a service that it is today. Now if a site has to target male users, it has to delve deeper into the gender demands. For instance, a very simple change in the layout that reflects manliness might do the trick. Anything that the brilliant(no doubt in that though) developers change(and if they do) in design or working algorithm should be more yielding to the idea they are working on.

Dudepins although offers a flawless experience and a successful start doesn’t seem to make the mark in the long run. No matter what, the one who comes first with a unique idea will always enjoy the stardom and attention, the second always stays second until it adds something that refines or improves what the first had already demonstrated.

Soumen Halder

Soumen is the founder/author for Ampercent, a tech blog that writes on computer tricks, free online tools & software guides.

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