12 DuckDuckGo Search Tips You Should Know to Boost Productivity

DuckDuckGo Search Tips You Should Know to Boost Productivity

DuckDuckGo is a search engine just like Google, and its main focus is users’ privacy. If you have ever used this search engine, you already know what it can do for you.

Whether you are a new DuckDuckGo user who is trying to learn what all this site can do or you have already been using the site for some time, learning some of the search tips for this famous search engine will not hurt.

Here are some DuckDuckGo search tips and tricks you can use when searching for something.

1. Search the Social Media Information

If you would like to search the social media information for something, you can simply use the sign for that social media site followed by your search term.


For example, you can search for “@maketecheasier,” and it should let you see the Twitter account for MakeTechEasier (it showed the Twitter account because “@” is mostly used to refer to Twitter accounts). Similarly, you can search Google+ profiles using “G+”.

2. Shorten and Expand Web Links

If you wish to shorten a long web link for something or if you already have a link and wish to see its expanded version, DuckDuckGo can help you do that.


Type in the keyword shorten followed by the long link that you want to be shortened, and the search engine should provide you with a shortened version of your link using “is.gd.”

On the other hand, if you would like to expand a shortened link, just use the keyword expand followed by the short link, and you should be able to see the original lengthy version of the link as shown below.


3. Create Random Passwords

If you are like me and cannot think of a strong password when needed, the search engine can help by generating one for you.


Just type in password 8 and hit Enter, and you will get a password containing eight characters. Replace the digit with however long you want your password to be. You can also use the random passphrase keyword to generate a random password containing four words.

4. Get a Stopwatch for Your Tasks

If you want quick access to a stopwatch but do not have one on your machine, the search engine has one for you.


Search for the keyword stopwatch, and a stopwatch will quickly appear, waiting for you to click the Start button.

5. Change the Case of the Text

If you have some text and would like to change the case, you can input the text on the site, and it will do that for you.


Type in uppercase followed by the text you want to change to uppercase, or use lowercase followed by the text to change the text to lowercase.

6. Find Out If a Website Is Up or Down

To check if it is just you who is not able to access a site or if it is everyone because the site is actually down, a simple search will help you.


Type in is maketecheasier.com up (replace the site name with whatever you like) and press Enter. It will let you know whether the site is up or down.

7. Search Any Calendar You Want

If you wish to see a calendar of any month, simply search for the month name followed by the year, and you should be able to see the calendar.


8. Generate Lorem Ipsum Text

If you are a developer who often needs the filler-text lorem ipsum, then DuckDuckGo can help you generate that text with as many paragraphs as you want.


Just search for 20 paragraphs of lorem ipsum.

9. Encode URLs for Developer Use

If you find yourself in a situation where you need an encoded URL, you can get it generated using the url https://www.maketecheasier.com/see-number-files-google-drive/.


10. Generate Figlets for Your Text

If you wish to generate a figlet for your text, then all you need to do is enter the query figlet TEXT and press Enter. Make sure to replace TEXT with the actual text, and you will get the figlet generated on your screen.


11. Find the Cheatsheet for Your Favorite App

If you love getting tasks done easier, you have likely come across cheatsheets for various apps. With this search engine you can search for all the available cheatsheets using a query like Facebook Cheatsheet for cheatsheets for Facebook.


12. Generate QR Codes Online

The site also lets you create a QR code out of the given information using a single query.


If you wish to create a QR code, such as for the URL “www.maketecheasier.com,” then you can do so using the QR www.maketecheasier.com search query.


DuckDuckGo is a really nice search engine with tons of features, and the article above lists some of the search tips for it to make your experience with the search engine more efficient and beneficial.

Mahesh Makvana
Mahesh Makvana

Mahesh Makvana is a freelance tech writer who's written thousands of posts about various tech topics on various sites. He specializes in writing about Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android tech posts. He's been into the field for last eight years and hasn't spent a single day without tinkering around his devices.

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