Loctek 2-in-1 Dual Arm Desk Mount for Monitor and Laptop

Do you prefer to use your laptop as a desktop computer along with a monitor, keyboard, and mouse? Or maybe you prefer to have your laptop close to your desktop computer so that you can use it for something totally different (such as home media server). While you can always have both sitting on a desk or table, a dual arm desk mount for your monitor and laptop is even better. Luckily for you we have one from Loctek that you can win for yourself.

Loctek Dual Arm Desk Mount side view.

The “Loctek 2-in-1 Full Motion Gas Spring Dual Arm Desk Mount for Laptop and Monitor” is a heavy duty (emphasis on the heavy) mount that needs extremely sturdy support. It already weighs a good amount on its own (around fifteen pounds or so) and has a loading capacity of 4.4 – 19.8 pounds per arm. You can imagine how heavy it will get if you have two large and bulky items on each arm.

Setting Up the Dual Arm Desk Mount

Surprisingly, putting the mount together isn’t the hardest or most time-consuming part of the process. Thankfully, it comes with everything you need besides a Phillips screwdriver, so you shouldn’t have any issues.

Loctek Dual Arm Desk Mount monitor high and laptop low.

However, you’re sure to spend more time getting the mount up and properly secured on your desk along with positioning each arm. Since the arms use a gas spring hovering system, adjusting them is very smooth (literally).

A special Allen wrench is included that allows you to tighten each arm once you get it to the desired position. If you find that you want it higher or lower, you can loosen it, move it up or down (it glides up and down with ease) and the re-tighten it.

Loctek Dual Arm Desk Mount cable cover.

What’s also nice about the arms is that each one has a removable cable cover, so you can have your cables run along the arms and concealed within the covers (remove covers, hold cables near arm, snap covers back on – or simply feed through). It’s a super clean look that everyone (not just those who have OCD when it comes to cable management) can really appreciate.

Adjusting the Monitor and Laptop Arms

The monitor arm supports screens that are 10″ to 27″ in size. Sadly, my 27″ monitor doesn’t have mounting holes, but I was able to mount an older (and heavier) 20″ monitor without issue. Note: if your monitor doesn’t have mounting holes, a VESA adapter mount is another option. Once mounted, the monitor can then be tilted as needed (-90°~15°), along with being moved up and down, of course.

The laptop arm swivels and can be tilted as well so that you get the perfect viewing angle. Attached to the side of the laptop tray there are buckle clasps that help to keep it from sliding off. They’re a bit loose, but they work and can be adjusted to fit the width of your laptop. On the front of the laptop tray, there are two “block-up extension screws” that are more secure and keep it in place. If you have a thicker laptop, you can put on the “long covers” to make them taller.

Loctek Dual Arm Desk Mount laptop tray.

Wrapping it Up

A few other great features (probably my favorite) are the built-in audio, mic, USB port right on the base of the mount. There are audio cables and a USB cable that you need to connect to your computer in order for these to work, so your tower or laptop will need to be within easy reach. It’s very much worth having these connected; they’re extremely convenient.

Loctek Dual Arm Desk Mount audio, mic, USB port.

Although putting together and setting up the dual arm desk mount is a bit tiresome and time-consuming, it’s truly worth it once you step back and see how much neater your setup is.

I just can’t reiterate enough how strong of a desk you need and how tight everything needs to be. If this falls, it’s going to do some damage to you, your desk, your wall, your floor and all of the above, so safety and security is an absolute must.


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Loctek 2-in-1 Dual Arm Desk Mount for Your Monitor and Laptop

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