Improve Your Team’s Productivity with Droplr Pro: Lifetime License

Wouldn’t it be great if there were an easier way for you to share files with the rest of your team? Perhaps a way for you to just drag and drop them so that everyone can see the files and even make changes to them?

The great news is that there is. Droplr Pro: Lifetime License will allow you to collaborate digitally with just a simple drag-and-drop method or by using a shortcut. Everyone on your team will be allowed access to those files and will also be able to make edits and/or additions.

With Droplr Pro you’ll be able to:

  • Work without limitations when sharing and get rid of the mess on your hard drive and inbox.
  • Utilize customer branding and themes on all pages
  • Create connections that you can share across accounts as well as with the rest of the world
  • Utilize password protect, self destruct times, and obfuscated URLs to share securely
  • Use your Single-Sign-On service over SAML
  • Without downloading them you can view images, videos, PDFs, and Microsoft documents

Buy it today at 98% off for just $29.99.

Droplr Pro: Lifetime License

Bonus: NightStand for Apple Watch


Keep your Apple Watch safe while recharging with this well-designed dock. While our old-fashioned watches we could just toss onto the nightstand, you don’t want to do that with your digital timepiece. The NightStand for Apple Watch may look simple, but it’s anything but. The attached suction cups allow it to stay steady while it charges, and the simple stand makes it easy to dock and undock your Apple Watch with just one hand.

Its features include:

  • Low-profile, minimal design
  • Air suction that locks your Apple Watch to flat surfaces
  • Soft medical-grade silicone construction
  • Effortless charging
  • Perfect for travel, as it’s easy to remove the MagSafe charging cable

Note: The Apple Watch magnetic charging cable is not included.

Buy this charging stand today for 33% off, leaving it at just $19.95.

NightStand for Apple Watch

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