Dropico: Upload, Share And Manage Photos Across Multiple Social Networks

Uploading and sharing photos across multiple social networking websites is a very lengthy and time consuming process. You might have a dozen accounts on various social networks and when you want to share a whole bunch of photos in all of them, you have to devote a good amount of time.

Ever wished you could upload photos to multiple social sites from a central location? Ever wanted to cross post photos from your MySpace account to your Facebook account, without having to find an app, download some extension or sign up for yet another service ? Meet Dropico

Dropico is a brilliant web application which allows you to share photos across multiple social sites instantly. Dropico utilizes a very intuitive drag and drop interface so that you can easily transfer, upload and share photos from one social network to another.

Let’s quickly learn how to set up Dropico.

Getting Started With Dropico

1. First, you have to create an account with Dropico which takes only 30 seconds. Once your account has been created, login to your Dropico profile and you will be taken to the “Connection wizard”, as shown below:

Dropico Wizard: Connect Your Social Networks

2. Hit “Next” and connect your existing Social Networking and Photo Sharing accounts to your Dropico Account in the following step.

Dropico: Connect Your social networking accounts

3. When you hit the “Connect” button for a social website, you have to grant all the required permissions so that Dropico can post photos to your profile. As an example: for your Facebook account, you have to click “Allow” in the permission window page.

Dropico Grant permissions Facebook account

4. As soon as you have connected a social website with your Dropico account, the “Status” of that social website will be “ON” as shown below:

Dropico Social upload on

You may turn off the status of a particular social website to “OFF” at a later point of time. This is a very useful feature which lets you choose the social networks where you want to upload a selected group of photos. Simply toggle the status from “ON” to “OFF”, select the sites where you want to upload or share photos and it’s done.

5. When you are done connecting all the social sites to your Dropico account, hit the “Next” button and you will be given a unique Dropico MOBI email address, as shown below:

Dropico Mobi email address

The Dropico MOBI service allows you to upload your photos to Dropico from any mobile device with an internet connection.  All you have to do is send it as an e-mail to your special Dropico MOBI E-mail address. Every photo sent to this e-mail address from your phone will be saved to your Dropico account

6. In the next step, you can enter your email credentials and invite friends from your email contact list to try out Dropico (optional step, you may skip it).

7. All right, you are done with the setup and ready for the Dropico experience.

How To Use Dropico And Upload Photos To Multiple Social Sites

When you login to your Dropico account, simply drag and drop the social widgets from the right top in the upload panel. Dropico will automatically load all the photo albums of the corresponding social networking site, as shown below:

Dropico Photo Upload Process

To upload a photo, drag and drop the image from your desktop to the corresponding widget. All done, now Dropico will upload the image to your social profile automatically.

You may also specify the photo albums where the target picture is to be uploaded and the application will upload the photos to that particular album. You may further choose to create a new album and upload the images or choose to drop them in the “Dropico uploads” folder.

It should not be a big deal, because you can always move the images from one album to another at a later point of time.


Dropico also features Photo Tagging (title, description and tags) and album management tools such as creating a new Album, removing photos from selected albums etc. Hence, you do not need to fiddle around in all the social sites and manage your photo albums recursively, let Dropico take all the hassle of uploading your photos and managing them.

Editing Your photos Using Dropico’s Photo Editor

Dropico’s web based photo editor can be used to edit your photos on the fly. What this means is that you can edit your existing photos on any social network using Dropico’s web based photo editor and the changes will be reflected in the original photo that’s stored in your Facebook account, for example.

The images can be edited in three modes:

  • Pixlr Express mode – for quick fixing.
  • Pixlr Editor – for advanced editing options
  • Pizap Editor – to make funny photos.

To start the Dropico photo editor, click the “Edit” button next to any photo and choose the mode, as shown below:


This will load the photo in Dropico’s photo editing app, you can apply basic photo fixes, add text, crop, pan, zoom, fix colors and other attributes of an image. These are pretty much self explanatory, all the basic and advanced photo editing tools are provided so that you can modify an image the way you want.

When you are done modifying the image, Dropico will post the changed photo to the corresponding social networking account. Isn’t that great ?


Overall, this is one of the best photo uploading and sharing apps we have discovered in recent times. You don’t need to download a desktop tool, any browser extension, bookmarklets, java plugins etc, Dropico works universally from any platform or mobile device.

Do you know any better alternative of Dropico for managing photos across all the social websites? Share your ideas in the comments below.

Soumen Halder

Soumen is the founder/author for Ampercent, a tech blog that writes on computer tricks, free online tools & software guides.

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