How to Draw Arrows in Gimp

Photoshop users who have switched to GIMP will notice that some of the PS features are not readily available in Gimp. Drawing arrows is one of them. As a tech blogger who have to edit plenty of screenshots everyday, there are times where I need to draw arrows on the images to illustrate the point. While this can be easily done in Photoshop, the feature is not available in the default installation of GIMP. Here is what you can do to enable the arrow feature in GIMP.

Go to GIMP Plugins Registry and download the “arrow.scm” file.

Save the file in your GImp scripts folder (In Ubuntu, the folder is located at “/home/username/.gimp-2.6/scripts”).

Open GIMP, you should now see a Arrow option under the Tools menu.


To use the Arrow feature, first click the “Path” icon.


On your image, mark two points. The first point will be the head of the arrow and the second point will be the tail.


Go to “Tools -> Arrow“.


Here is where you can adjust the wing of the arrow and whether to draw a single or double headed arrow. Once you have fixed your settings, click OK. It will proceed to draw the arrow on your image.

This is the end result.


That’s it.