DragonTouch Classic 10 Wi-Fi Picture Frame: A Stylish Way to Modernise Your Photos

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As technology moves on, the humble photo frame and album becomes somewhat outdated. People these days take photos digitally and save them to the cloud for safekeeping, so there’s no need to keep developed photos safe using albums and picture frames.

At the same time, it’s nice to have your photos decorating the home. Showing the family album by flicking through your phone’s album doesn’t have the same personal touch as an album!

As such, if you want to show off your digital images in a stylish fashion and are looking for a great gift under $100, the DragonTouch New Wi-Fi Digital Picture Frame Classic 10 Review is a smart choice. This picture frame for digital photos makes a great gift for nearly everyone on your Christmas list.

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What is the DragonTouch Picture Frame?

The DragonTouch Classic 10 Wi-Fi Picture Frame is designed to make digital images stylish. It aims to show off your photos on a shelf or mantlepiece without needing to nail a tablet to the wall!

Dragontouch Frame

When you look at the picture frame right out of the box, it looks just like a normal one. There’s nothing about it that looks fake or plastic-y; you could purchase a similar-looking frame for a physical photo and not bat an eye.

Also like a regular picture frame, the DragonTouch Classic 10 can either stand on a mantlepiece using the included stand or be mounted on a wall using the mounting hole on the back. As long as you’re near a power source, this picture frame can be placed on any wall or surface.

Setting Up the DragonTouch Picture Frame

To start it up, use the cables provided to plug it into the mains. When the picture frame boots up, you’ll be pleased to discover that the inside of the frame is actually a touchscreen tablet!

Dragontouch Screen

I expected a “dumb screen” that could only get instructions via an app, but controlling the setup by tapping the picture frame directly was a refreshing change of pace.

Once the frame is running, download the frame’s app to your phone. then get the frame’s ID that it gives you and type it into your phone. This binds your phone to that frame, allowing you to control it.

Dragontouch Mobile

During the setup process, create an email address with DragonTouch for free. This address is purely for sending photos to, so you can upload images from any device with an email client.

Using the DragonTouch

Surprisingly, the photo frame has more features to it than showing images. For instance, it has an alarm feature to alert you when a specific time comes around. You can also activate a time and calendar screen to keep track of the dates, which also displays your photos in a small window.

Dragontouch Photos

The main function of the DragonTouch, however, is displaying digital media. This includes both images and videos, which can be set to automatically scroll on a timer.

I was pleased to note that the frame comes with built-in speakers and volume control. If you like, you can have the frame show your holiday videos with all the sounds of the scene. or if they get too annoying, mute the volume and have them play silently.

Dragontouch Ports

The DragonTouch also has a good number of ports for external media. You can choose between an SD card, a USB stick, or a direct USB connection.

If you want to add photos to the frame, you can do so by either uploading them via the app, sending them using your DragonTouch email address, or plugging in physical media such as a USB stick. As such, getting images into your digital album is very easy.

Dragontouch Import

What Makes the DragonTouch Special?

While the DragonTouch does a fantastic job in showing off your digital media, it’s not the only competitor in town. In fact, it’s slightly pricier than the Google Nest Hub and the Amazon Echo Show. So, why grab this over its competitors?

For one, its screen size is much bigger. The DragonTouch may not have voice-activated assistants and the ability to play YouTube videos, but that means more budget is diverted to the screen size.

The Google Nest Hub’s screen weight in at 7”, and the Amazon Echo Show recently released a 10” model, but the DragonTouch outsizes them (even if only slightly!) with a screen size of 10.1”.

My Thoughts on the DragonTouch 10 Classic

If you want a smart screen that can play videos, bring up playlists on Spotify, and order you a pizza, the DragonTouch is not for you. Its main focus is as a picture frame, and as such it doesn’t have the luxuries of a home hub.

However, if you are on the hunt for a way to display your digital photos in an attractive frame, this is it. It has a generous screen size, looks stylish, and is very easy to set up and use.

You can order your own Classic 10 from Amazon for just $99.55. This link is valid until December 31, 2019, at 11:59 PM PST.

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