Dragify Website Builder: Lifetime Subscription

Everyone wants to build their own website, but the learning curve can be tough – that is unless you have a Dragify Website Builder: Lifetime Subscription. This web service gives you an interface that allows you to design websites the way you want to. You don’t need to know any coding, and it’s as simple as drag-and-drop to customize the site. But if you happen to have coding experience, you can further customize the site.

  • Create your own website by dragging and dropping forty-four pre-designed HTML blocks
  • Upload your own images to Dragify to use in your website
  • Use the built-in style editor to adjust the text, add background color, change fonts, and more
  • Manage websites, link them together, and export them simultaneously using the Web Page Manager
  • Improve your search engine ranking by adding SEO
  • With just one click transfer your website to your choice of web-hosting
  • Easily edit the source code of every HTML block

Subscribe for life for less than $25!

Dragify Website Builder: Lifetime Subscription

Bonus: Car-Charging Powerbank and Bluetooth Headset


Walking out of your house making sure you have your phone, your tablet or laptop, and all required chargers and headsets can be such a hassle. But you can solve a lot of the battle with a Car-Charging Powerbank and Bluetooth Headset. It’s so much more than just a car charger. Once it’s plugged in, it’s a Bluetooth headset with its own separate battery so that you can take hands-free calls while you continue to charge your phone. If your phone isn’t completely charged by the time you leave your car, you can bring the charger with you as it’s also a powerbank.

  • Charge your phone in the car while you drive
  • Receive and make calls hands-free while your phone is charging
  • Use the built-in 3,000mAh powerbank feature when you leave your car

Get this unique car charger at 75% off for just $49.99.

Car-Charging Powerbank and Bluetooth Headset

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