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FreePOPs is a webmail tool that among several of its other functions, it allows you to access free web based mail utilizing the POP3 protocol. This application carries modules for dozens of services including but not limited to Windows Live Hotmail, Yahoo! Mail, Gmail, AOL Email and more! FreePOPs grants you access to various resources and services via POP with any email client.

FreePOPs acts as its own POP proxy transferring data between your web-based interfaces and your choice of email program (i.e. Microsoft Outlook). Another nifty feature is FreePOPs ability to convert RSS feeds into emails allowing you to easily share your favorite feeds as you’re also able to download your feeds onto your desktop. This web application works with very closely with HTTP proxy servers and gives you the option of using a spam and virus filter as well for added protection and additional layers of security.


OS Support

FreePOPs supports a wide variety of operating systems, here’s a brief list defining a few:

  • Windows 9x/ME/NT/2000/3/XP/Vista
  • Mac OS X
  • Linux/Unix

Just a Free Email app?

FreePOPs is a simple, reliable, and exceptional way to download messages from web based email account to your email programs located on your desktop. Years ago when web based email readily became available, many used to wonder how to make these emails available to them without having to constantly login to their accounts. Finally there is a solution to the once hard to gain ease and comfort of always knowing what is in your mailbox with FreePOPs. ¬†With this app, you’re able to gain access to your email within a matter of seconds while there is no required setup and configuration.


ScreenShot of FreePOPs checking a Gmail account to download the contents to your desktops POP account.


Our POP Journey Has Come to an End

Even though FreePOPs has few flaws like not being able to mark downloaded email as read or the ability to support SMTP settings that would allow you to send email, it is still a display of one’s creativity and ability to further innovate services and applications for a more beneficial use. As times progress we hope that FreePOPs will include more features like the ability to send emails, IMAP access, easier module configuration and more to come.

Click Here for a quick and free download of FreePOPs.

Joel Reyes

Joel Reyes-Has been writing and developing web sites for several years now, this has lead him to be the creative mind behind Looney Designer a design resource and portfolio site that revolves around web design and development.

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