Download Ubuntu Installation Guide and Cheatsheet Now

Today is the big day you have been waiting for, the day where Ubuntu 9.04 is released. I hope you have successfully downloaded the LiveCD and installed it on your system.

For those who have difficulties installing or migrating to Ubuntu, we thought this would be a good time to bring a nice little cheat sheet/installation guide for all MakeTechEasier readers.

Ubuntu Installation Guide


In this step-by-step installation guide, MakeTechEasier’s writer – Sharninder ( will hold your hand through the whole installation process. Be it a fresh installation, upgrade from previous Ubuntu version or installing in your Windows OS, you won’t feel lost with this guide around.

Ubuntu Cheatsheet


In addition, Sharninder also comes out with a bash command cheatsheet that you can refer to it quickly and easily. There is no need for you to hunt high and low for that particular command now.

Don’t wait anymore! Download the Ubuntu 9.04 Installation Guide and Cheatsheet now, at no cost at all.