Download Ubuntu Installation Guide and Cheatsheet Now

Today is the big day you have been waiting for, the day where Ubuntu 9.04 is released. I hope you have successfully downloaded the LiveCD and installed it on your system.

For those who have difficulties installing or migrating to Ubuntu, we thought this would be a good time to bring a nice little cheat sheet/installation guide for all MakeTechEasier readers.

Ubuntu Installation Guide


In this step-by-step installation guide, MakeTechEasier’s writer – Sharninder ( will hold your hand through the whole installation process. Be it a fresh installation, upgrade from previous Ubuntu version or installing in your Windows OS, you won’t feel lost with this guide around.

Ubuntu Cheatsheet


In addition, Sharninder also comes out with a bash command cheatsheet that you can refer to it quickly and easily. There is no need for you to hunt high and low for that particular command now.

Don’t wait anymore! Download the Ubuntu 9.04 Installation Guide and Cheatsheet now, at no cost at all.


  1. This is great! As Ubuntu is on the rise, articles like this will greatly help the transition from Windows for those who are interested, but are less technically inclined. 9.04 released today btw, woo hoo! Love the cheatsheet.

  2. Thanks for all this! I really hope “Jaunty” will be a sucess. I have written a little guide with suggestions on what to do after having installed the system.
    All the best!

  3. Great,

    So i did the update, went fine. Reboot. No Sh*t holmes, my system hangs. Looks like a video problem (have an ATI card). Well im going on vacation, next we will see or others had the same problems too, and how to solve it!

  4. Hi,

    Great, so i did the update. No sh*t holmes, everything went fine. System reboot. Great, now my system hangs. Looks like a videocard problem(ati). But tomorrow im on a weeks vacation ,and when i’m back then we’ll see if more people had the same problem. Hopefully there”s a solution as wel.

  5. >Ctrl+Alt+backspace Restart X-server if it is hung

    Notice, that this command has been disabled and need to be re-enabled.

    You can do so with the following command:

    sudo aptitude install dontzap
    sudo dontzap –disable

  6. Tried all, didn’t work. It’s a ati thing. my videocard (at9800pro) isn’t supported anymore. Had to remove the atidrivers through the console mode. After that, i’ve got
    the system back working normal. We’ll have to wait for some ati driver to appear.

  7. i like this site and most time i visit there!

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