How To Download Torrents Onto Your iOS Device Without Jailbreaking

Apple has never allowed users to use BitTorrent clients on their iOS devices, blocking every single one from reaching the App Store. Most tutorials will teach you how to download torrents onto your iOS device with a jailbreak solution, but today, I’ll be showing you how to download torrents onto your iOS device even if you’re not too keen on jailbreaking. And best of all, it’s free!

First, let’s clear up some misconception. The BitTorrent technology is perfectly legal to use, but the act of downloading copyrighted material using BitTorrent technology is illegal. Many people just assume that all torrent downloads is illegal, and those people are truly missing out on something amazing. There is a whole lot of legal content to be downloaded from BitTorrent, ranging from Linux distributions, to music, video, etc. If you’re looking for more clarification on the debate on whether BitTorrent is legal or illegal, I’d recommend you take a look at the article “Is Downloading Torrent Legal or Illegal, And How Safe Is It?


As I mentioned before, Apple blatantly refuses to allow any torrent clients onto the App Store, despite the fact that you can download just as much illegal content using the mobile Safari browser. Luckily, there are ways for iOS users to download torrents without jailbreaking, and the best part is that you can use Safari to do so.

I’ll be using an iPhone 5 for this tutorial with iOS 7 installed. Make sure you have a fast internet connection, as this method may not work properly on slow connections. WiFi should be the best, but 3G will work too. I’ll be downloading a music video file for this tutorial, but this method should work for any type of file that is compatible with your iOS device (movies, ebooks etc.)

Note: MTE does not support downloading copyrighted material. The file downloaded in this tutorial is just for teaching purposes, and in no way should be perceived as MTE supports downloading copyrighted material.

1. Open up your browser on your iOS device. Search for the torrent you want to download and copy its “magnet” or download link. For example the magnet link in the torrent below:


2. Once you’ve copied the download link or magnet link, open up a new tab, and head over to zbigz.


3. When the site has successfully loaded, there will be a bar to enter a link in the middle of the site. Enter the magnet link you copied earlier there, and click on “Go.”


4.  Your file will automatically start to download. Once the download complete, you can click on the file to open it.


Zbigz’s free service is pretty decent at allowing both large files and few deal breaking restrictions, but you do remember, you do gain a bit by going premium, which is $10 for a month or $85 for a year. I consider that is a bit too much for downloading a few quick torrent files on the go, but if you are a heavy torrent user, it just might be worth it.