How to Download Torrents onto Your iOS Device Without Jailbreaking


Thanks to the never-ending abuses and misuses, torrent is associated with outlaws and illegal sharing of copyrighted materials. But in truth, it’s a genius way to share files. Instead of relying on individual servers to host the files and taking the beating of download traffic, torrent makes use of the community of downloaders to share the traffic by dividing chunks of files among them to share.

This notorious reputation is also one of the reasons why iOS doesn’t support torrent. Jailbreaking used to be the only way for iOS users to download torrents directly to their devices.

But that was then. Now you can download torrents to your iPhone or iPad without having to resort to jailbreaking. Besides, with the current state of iOS and all the features, there’s almost no reason to jailbreak your device anyway.

So how do you do it? Here’s how.

Getting Your Torrent File or Magnet Link

From the downloader side, there are two components to a torrent process: the torrent client and the torrent files or magnet links. Legally, there’s no torrent downloader client available in the iOS AppStore, so we will work around the problem later on. But for now let’s discuss where you can get legal torrent files.

There are tons of illegal torrent sites but only a handful of the legal ones. Some of these rare species are Public Domain Torrents, Internet Archives, and Legit Torrents. You can find more by doing a simple research in Safari. Some desktop app developers also make their software available via torrent, even though you might not want to download the desktop app to your iPhone.


Both the torrent file and the magnet link serve the same purpose which is to connect the torrent client to the seeders who provide chunks of the files that you want. For iPhone users, the magnet link method is easier, but using torrent files is also possible.

Bypass the Limitation Using Online Torrent Clients

Armed with the torrent file or magnet link, you are ready to download your file to your iPhone or iPad. The question is, how do you do that if there’s no torrent client available? The answer is to use an online torrent client.

This genre of the web app is also a rare breed, and many of the existing ones are either going commercial or discontinued. One of the first and most popular ones is Zbigz. Examples of other alternatives are,, and Torrentsafe.

But my current personal favorite is because it provides bigger file storage of 2GB for free compared to 1GB from other services. The service is mobile-friendly and lets you store as many files as you want as long as you don’t exceed the 2GB ceiling. It also gives you ways to earn free additional space up to 5GB. All you need to do is to register and log in.


Downloading Torrent on Your iPhone

First, go to the source of your torrent and obtain the magnet link or the torrent file. If you get the magnet link, copy the link and paste it to and then wait.


For the torrent file, the step is trickier. First, you need to download the torrent file and save it somewhere in your iPhone. Choose the “More” link after you click the Download button, then choose “Save to Files” in the pop-up window. After that, you can choose where you want to save your file. The options might be different from the ones on the picture below depending on what apps that you have on your iPhone. To be on the safe side, I’ll just use “iCloud Drive.”

Note: the “Save to Files” feature is only available on iOS 11. If you are on the older iOS, you can choose one of the available icons above.


The next step is to upload that torrent file to To do that, click the “Plus (+)” icon on the main page and then choose the “Upload” button. After that choose the “Browse” option.


Then find the torrent file that you saved before.


Whether you are using magnet link or torrent file, will start downloading your file to its server after the input. Since it happens in the background, there’s no user interference needed. You can close the browser window and do other things while waiting for the process to finish.

Please note that you can’t add another file if a file download is in progress. And while the process is usually very fast because we’re talking about the server-to-server transfer, it can also crawl since torrent download speed also depends on the number and quality of the seeders (people who share the files).


After the process is done, the file is stored in the server. You can download it as a normal file by tapping on the downward arrow on the right of the file to open the options. Choose “Download” to save the files in your iPhone. Similar to downloading the torrent file, you can choose where you want to save it.


And after the file is ready, you can open it using the default app. Since I downloaded a movie, I’ll use the media player to play it.


Have you tried downloading torrents to your iPhone? What method do you use? What is your choice of the online torrent client? Share them using the comments below.

This article was first published in Jan 2014 and was updated in Oct 2017.

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    1. That’s sad. I was using it here in Pakistan and it was working fine. You can use other torrent sites though. You just need the torrent link or magnet link of the torrent.

        1. With a name like yours, I bet you purposely drop the soap.!

          @Shujaa, thanks for the informative article. Going to try it now :)

        2. The American government is slowly killing us all. But it’s an illusion because there is a non-secret one world government and a one world law in place.

      1. So when I get on the movie at pirates bay and click on the download torrent it says link is to big for browser what do I do about that

    2. Like the UK is the only country where they have banned The Pirate Bay, in both Belgium and The Netherlands it is blocked as well by most residential ISPs.

    3. I’m in the UK and use piratebay all the time, your internet provider probably banned you from using it, so you can search for a piratebay proxy, and you should be allowed onto the site that way

    1. What type of file are you downloading? If iOS doesn’t support it, then it won’t open.

    2. You only need to copy the link to the clipboard, not click it. hold down on it then click Copy.

  1. Does anyone know where the files get saved to on the iPhone. I don’t see the file in my songs.

    1. You need a player cause iphone doesn’t support every kinda files so you need to download a video player called oplayer but you need to pay it or you can download oplayer lite which is free on appstore, try it..might work out for you

    1. Download VLC app on your apple device
    2. Go to iTunes and click on device’s name ex. iPad, iPhone etc.
    3. On the upper tabs click Apps, scroll down and find the VLC app.
    4. Click on it and select the file you want on your device.
    5. And there it is !

  3. How can i watch it as i dont have access to a computor to load vlc with itunes and its saying cant watch unless im a premium member?

  4. I recently used and now I have iTransmission 4.5, Movie Box, + AppAddict which gives me unlimited apps. All without a Jailbreak! No need to open up your device leave it secure.

  5. What are you getting at brother? Running a proxy and a VPN along with a location spoof. I fight with google daily and they have threatened to ban me 2 times. How can I use them for my gain. I hate google and their redirects.

  6. You can actually have a native torrent client iTransmission usually found on cydia without Jailbreaking!
    Just take a look here and you will see what I mean:

    Purchased from – or –

  7. You can also monitor other apps like qbittorerent that use python plugins and all, plus some simple link monitoring and you get a wealth of torrent links way beyond pirate bay, I don’t even use pb anymore for a long time time now. Bitdigg is one such torrent search engine, from there is the magnets that you need. Also you can use VPN service in banned countries and proxies do work.

    Private tracker so also a very good idea.

  8. I tried on but after pasting link nd clicking on go nothing happens. It says caching 100% done but when i click on play it says only premium member. When i click on download icon (i guess it is download icon) it says file not found.

  9. I have to open zbigz on Safari then i can hear the songs ?
    Can i save the songs somewhere easier ?

  10. Thank you so much! I’ve been downloading books straight to iBooks on my iPad, pretty straight forward the way you explained it. You are awesome!

  11. I got the video via zbigz onto my ipad player, no problem there, but on playback the video freezes up: will play for a few seconds when touch ‘Play’ then freezes up again.
    Any suggestions, guys?

    Thanks, by the way, to Shujaa Imran for his very helpful article!

  12. Is this still p2p download? Cause Im not allowed to download p2p files cause i could get a fine to get my internet back

  13. once the download is finish, where can we find the file of that movie or music video? does it go straight to the video app?? pls clarify. thanks

    1. You can use other apps that has a file manager (ex. iDownload+, Downloads etc.) when accessing zbigz, that way you can monitor the actual download and can manage the file. You can also have choices to where to open files once it was downloaded. I wish this could help you.

  14. Can you download games as well? What about books? I’m not getting any books…..I have a non- jail broken IPad

    1. then dn’t wait let make your device jailbreak n enjoy everything u want…. eveni can help you….

  15. But JailBreak make the work easier bxoz it allow a torrent name iTransmission n it works exactly like using torrent……thanx jailbreak developmers….. it roxks in PAKISTAN!

  16. Everything works fine till I try to download the video in my phone. All it does when i press download is play the video on Safari

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