Use to Download Torrent Files without Torrent Client

How to Download Torrent Files Without Torrent Client with

The world is having a love-hate relationship with torrent. While there are those who hate the medium and think of it as nothing more than a law-breaking tool for digital pirates, there are others that see it as one of the better file sharing technologies for the future. Regardless of which side you’re on, there might be times when you need to download torrent files, but the Internet connection is blocking torrent access, or the device that you use doesn’t support torrent clients. What can you do?

Some tools can help you download torrent in these unfortunate scenarios, and one of the best alternatives is

Download, Store, and Stream

You need to register before you can use the service. The service has just launched its new version. Currently there are two versions of that you can use: the classic one and the new one. Both have similar features, but the new one comes with a more modern and intuitive interface.

Filestream -mte- Login works with a torrent file or magnet link. After having the file or link handy, log in to the site and upload the torrent file or paste in the magnet link.

The service will download the file(s) contained in the torrent package into its server. You will need to wait for a few moments for the process to finish. The waiting time will depend heavily on the number of seeders available. Popular files usually take a few seconds to complete, while old files with nearly no seeders can take days or even months – if they will ever be finished at all.

Filestream -mte- main window

After the files are downloaded and available in the server, you can download them as if they were direct download files from a very fast server. The download speed is virtually as fast as your Internet connection can allow, and the process is done via SSL (Secured Socket Layer) and is safe and anonymous. You can choose to download a package of torrent files as compressed zip files, or you can download only the individual files within the package.

Filestream -mte- Inside folder

As a bonus, if the files that you download include media files, you can opt to stream the media files from instead of downloading them to your computer.

File Management and Limitations

Other than uploading torrent and downloading files, the service also offers basic file management. You can create folders to organize your files, copy and paste files among folders, delete the ones that you don’t need, and move around folders with a similar navigation method to Finder or Windows Explorer.

While is a free service for anyone to use, it offers a paid upgrade. The benefits of becoming a paid member are no file size limitation for the torrent and no time limit for how long you can store your files on the server.

The free options restrict the size of torrent files that you can upload to 1 GB and will keep them for three days before they are deleted. If you are using the free option, make sure you download the files from the server within this three-day period.

Going Mobile and Beyond

If you are a mobile user, you can also bypass the torrent limitation by using via your mobile browser. As long as your mobile is connected to the Internet, you can access torrent files anywhere, download them to your mobile, or stream the content to save the storage.

There’s also an Android app available on the PlayStore, but there’s no iOS version – and looking at Apple’s app policy, iPhone and iPad users will always have to stick with the browser version.

Filestream -mte- Android

Do you use torrent? Have you tried Or do you use other alternatives like Zbigz? Please share your thoughts and experiences using the comments below.

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