How to Download Reddit Videos

Downloading Reddit videos is easy when you have the right tools.

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Reddit is a platform that provides a network of communities based on different interests. Site members are known as Redditors, and they post content, which is then upvoted or downvoted by other members. Based on your interests, you can join various groups, called subreddits, where you can discuss topics with like-minded people.

While exploring Reddit, you will also come across videos that you may want to save. Here we show you a few methods to download Reddit videos on your Android phone or PC.

1. Use Slide for Reddit

There are plenty of apps out there that make Reddit a more eye-pleasing and palatable experience, but those in the know will tell you that Slide for Reddit (Android/iOS) ranks right among the best of them. Not only is it the best way to view Reddit, but it has a secret trick, and that’s a Reddit video downloader!

To download videos on Reddit through Slide, simply open the app, open the video you want to download so it’s full-screen, then tap the hamburger menu at the bottom right corner.

Download Reddit Video Android Ios Slide 1

From here, tap either “Save MP4” or “Save MP4 to” to save the video. Couldn’t be simpler.

Download Reddit Video Android Ios Slide 2

2. Use Reddit Bot

Just like Telegram has a bot that helps the user download video files, Reddit also has a bot. Reddit bots are fun little pieces of code that can help you perform a variety of things.

These bots can help you show battery percentage, convert non-metrics into metrics, post bold characters, or simply download a video. For our purpose, we will be using the “u/savevideo” Reddit bot that lets you save any video on Reddit. However, do note that you will not be able to download YouTube videos.

Let us go through the steps to use the “u/savevideo” Reddit bot to download videos from Reddit.

  1. Open the post that contains the video you wish to download on Reddit.
  2. Comment “u/savevideo” (without the quotes) and tap the Post button.
Download Reddit Videos Post Comments
  1. Within a few seconds, the Reddit bot will send you a message with a link.
Download Reddit Videos View Link
  1. Tap on this link to open a new page with the link to download in either HD or SD resolution.
Download Reddit Videos

Do note that Reddit often bans bots. Moreover, in some cases, this Reddit bot works within a few seconds, while other times, it may take several minutes to send you to link.

3. Viddit (Android app)

Downloading Reddit videos is easier using a third-party video downloader app. No matter what platform you are using to view Reddit, a dedicated video downloader app just makes your job easier.

In our case, we are making use of an app called Viddit. All you have to do is download the Viddit app from the Google Play Store and install it. There is also an iOS app for Viddit, but it’s of much poorer quality so we recommend sticking to Slide if you’re on iOS.

Open the Reddit post that has the video you want to download. Hit the Share button and select the Viddit app from the Share menu that pops up.

Viddit Download Reddit Videos App

The Viddit app will grab the link of the video from the link of the post. Note that it may take a few seconds to process the video. Once done, simply hit the Download button to save the Reddit video.

Viddit App

If you don’t want to download any apps to your phone, you can make use of the page.

Search Bar

Click beneath the video’s “Share” option and on “Copy Link” from the drop-down menu, as shown below.

Copy Link

Paste it into the link box, and it will generate a link for you to download the video.

4. Redditsave (Browser)

There are multiple Reddit video-downloading websites available that can help you grab the video you want to download. A popular website for doing this is Redditsave.

It is a nice and clean website. To download the video using Redditsave, you need to open the Reddit post containing the video. Hit the Share button and press the “Copy Post Link” button.

Copy Reddit Video Link

Open the Redditsave website on another tab and paste the link you just copied. Once the video is grabbed from the link by Redditsave, hit the Download button.


Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I download Reddit videos to MP4?

Yes, the most popular video format is the default one on most Reddit video downloader apps.

2. Can I download Reddit videos as GIFs?

Yes! There’s a function in the Slide app that lets you download videos as GIFs. Otherwise, once you download your Reddit video, you can upload it to a site like EZGIF that will convert videos to GIFs for you.

3. Can I download Reddit videos with sound

Yes, the above sites and apps should download your Reddit videos with sound (if the video has sound, of course).

Wrapping Up

The above methods will allow you to download Reddit videos. If you are an iOS user, do check out some of the best Reddit clients to browse Reddit on iOS. Also, if you like hanging around the Discord neck of the woods then head over to our list of the best Discord bots.

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