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OneNote templates offer a convenient way to kickstart your note-taking journey, providing pre-designed layouts and structures tailored to specific tasks and purposes. Still, its in-built template library can feel limited sometimes. In this post, we’ll explore some of the best sites for downloading OneNote templates for free. Whether you need a comprehensive project management template, a visually appealing meeting agenda, or a beautifully designed recipe collection, there's a template out there to suit your needs.

1. Auscomp

Auscomp is hands down one of the best sites to download OneNote templates. If you are new to OneNote, you probably already find it hard to use, let alone find and apply new templates. Well, if that’s the case, you are in luck with Auscomp’s tutorials and useful FAQs. Its clean and intuitive interface further adds to the convenience. On top of that, it has a rich library of OneNote templates that are spread over various categories like Fitness & Health, Diary / Journal, Cooking, Legal, Finance & Budget, etc. However, most of these templates are only available through a paid subscription. Still, there are 10 excellent OneNote templates that are absolutely free to use.

Auscomp Onenote Templates For Free

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2. OneNote Gem

OneNote Gem is another website where you can find free OneNote templates. As its name suggests, it is really a gem for managing your daily tasks. You can even create weekly or monthly planners and organizers to plan your whole week or month ahead of time. These templates are versatile in use – whether you are a student, a professional, or a hobbyist, you can benefit immensely from them. Its templates range across different categories, such as assignments, to-do lists, appointments, daily work schedules, academic notes, and so on. On top of that, OneNote Gem also offers plugins for OneNote that can significantly enhance its functionality. But on the flip side, its templates are limited and rather specific – so you’re going to find just the template that absolutely fits your needs or nothing.

Onenote Gem Onenote Templates For Free

3. Notegram

Notegram is a go-to free template solution for many OneNote users. From Monthly Calendars to Weekly Planner, Daily Planner, To-Do List, Journals, Checklist, and so on, Notegram has all the templates that an average OneNote user could ask for. On top of that, its user interface is extremely easy to use and navigate through. Just as you open the website, you will find the templates right in front of you. Then in a matter of a couple of clicks, you can easily download and use them. But before downloading any template, you’ll need to sign in through your Microsoft account. Also, on the downside, the choice of templates is rather limited.

Notegram Onenote Templates For Free

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4. Onetastic

While Onetastic is not exactly a site dedicated to offering OneNote templates like the ones discussed so far, you can still use it to get your hands on some practical templates and to enhance the way you use OneNote. Onetastic provides you with free plugins or macros packages that can improve the functionality of your OneNote. And in the process, you can also customize and enhance your OneNote templates. Onetastic plugins use macros, which are blocks of executable programming code that help command OneNote to perform repetitive tasks. Sounds too complicated? Well, luckily, Onetastic also offers detailed guides to help you use these macros for enhancing different aspects of your OneNote’s functionality, including templates. Still, there is a learning curve if you use this website.

Ontetastic Onenote Templates For Free

5. The Better Grind

If your taste in aesthetics is cute and elegant, then you’re absolutely going to love this one. The Better Grind is a website that offers various useful OneNote templates – that are not only practical but also very aesthetically pleasing. Here, you can find a variety of pretty OneNote templates ranging across various categories such as Project Collaboration, Project Management, Calendar, Teaching Planners, and so on. In fact, you can also learn to create OneNote templates with the course on The Better Grind’s website. But on the flip side, it is hard to find 'free' templates on The Better Grind. You’ll just have to be on the lookout when they make any template free. And those free templates are also generally outdated.

The Better Grind Onenote Templates For Free

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Frequently Asked Questions

How to Add a Template in OneNote?

Applying or adding a template in OneNote is extremely simple. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to do it:

  1. Open OneNote on your computer and navigate to the ribbon on top.
  2. Select Insert, then click "Page Templates."
  3. This will open the Templates task pane.
  4. To expand and get a better preview of a template, click the small arrow below the template name.
  5. Once you have decided which template to apply, simply click that template and close the Templates pane.
  6. The template you choose will be applied to your current page, and now you can begin using it.

How do I personalize OneNote?

Customizing OneNote is easy with its app preferences. For Windows 10, simply open OneNote and navigate to the upper right corner. Now click "Settings and More -> Settings -> Options."

For Mac, open OneNote and navigate to the menu bar. Then click Preferences to personalize OneNote as per your needs.

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