How to Download, Install and Manage Fonts in Windows

If you are a graphic designer or a multimedia professional, you must need different kinds of fonts for your projects. Unfortunately, Windows does not have a variety of fonts installed by default.

Even though there are quite a lot of fonts installed by default in Windows, if you are looking for some variety, you will find that the default inventory is not sufficient. You may need different kinds of fonts and styles to use in your projects and design work.

In this article we will see how to download, install and manage fonts in Windows.

Where to Download Fonts For Windows

Here are some of the best websites which lets you download fonts for free and use it in Windows and MAC:

1001 Free Fonts:

This website contains a wide variety of interesting fonts for Windows and MAC. You can search for fonts using categories and can preview the style of a font by typing any text, as shown below:

Download Free Fonts from 1001 Free fonts is again a very good resource for free fonts, you can browse the website for a variey of fonts and download them in your computer. There are thousands of fonts to explore and the website contains a directory where you can download or purchase user designed fonts.

Download Free FOnts for Windows and MAC

All the fonts will work perfectly in Windows and OS-X. lets you download true type font libraries, you will also find a comprehensive list of free fonts for Windows and MAC. Some of the popular categories include Graffiti fonts, 3D fonts, Halloween fonts, comic fonts and more.

Download Free Fonts for Windows and MAC

How to Install Fonts in Windows7 / Windows Vista

To Install new fonts in Windows 7 and Windows Vista, extract the font package and you will get a .ttf file (true type font file). Right click the file and select “Install”, or else you can also double click the file and hit the “Install” button, as shown below:

Install Fonts in Windows7 and Windows Vista

That’s it, your new font will be installed and it’s ready to be used in any Windows application. To test the working of the font, open Microsoft Word or any other text editing program and choose the font you just installed:

Test the New Installed font in Windows7 and Windows Vista

Managing and Deleting Fonts in Windows7 and Windows Vista

To view or delete existing fonts in Windows7 or Windows Vista, open Control Panel and go to “Appearance and Personalization”. In windows7 you will see a “Fonts” folder while in Vista click the link that says “Preview, delete or show and hide fonts”

Once you are in, you will see all the fonts currently installed in the system. Select a font and then you can preview, hide or completely delete it from Windows:

Preview, delete or hide fonts in Windows 7 and Windows Vista

Important: Deleted fonts cannot be restored from the recycle bin. If you delete a font, it’s completely lost and you won’t be able to use it in other programs. To reuse the same font which you deleted accidentally, you will have to download it and install the same way as discussed above.

How to Install and Manage Fonts in Windows XP

To install fonts in Windows XP, Open Windows Control Panel and switch to “Classic View”. You will see the “Fonts” folder, as shown below:

Find the fonts folder in Windows XP

Double click the Fonts folder and you will see all the installed fonts in Windows XP. To preview a selected font, simply double click it and the preview would be shown as shown below:

Preview Fonts in Windows XP

To install a new font in Windows XP, click File from the menu bar and choose “Install New font”. Then browse to the location of the font file (.ttf) and you are done.

Install New fonts in Windows XP

Deleting existing fonts in Windows XP is also easy, simply right click the font you want to delete and choose “Delete”.

Delete Fonts in Windows XP

You can also install a Font in any Windows version by dropping the font’s file at ‘C:\Windows\Fonts”. This will be useful if you are using a very old version of Windows e.g Windows 98 or Windows Me.

Default Location of Windows Fonts

View All the Installed Fonts In a Single Window

If you want to compare the design, look and feel of all the installed Fonts in Windows, use WinFontsView. It’s a freeware utility for Windows which lets you compare the design of all the installed fonts at one place.

You can preview the underline, bold and italic style of multiple fonts together, this will be handy when you are designing something and want to quickly compare how changing the font is going to affect your design.

Compare Multiple=

The application is portable, thus requires no installation. You can drop the utility in a removable drive and use it on any computer you want.

Have you ever faced any problems with managing your fonts collection in Windows? Please share your ideas in the comments section.

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