How to Download Instagram Stories from a PC

Today it seems that every social media or messaging app under Facebook’s umbrella has a Snapchat-inspired story feature. Insta-stories were introduced in August 2016, and ever since then it has become one of the most popular features on Instagram. Arguably, the two most important rules of the Internet are: “Be careful what you post online. Once it’s there, it’s there forever,” and “If you want to find it, it’ll be gone. If you want it to disappear, it’ll stick around forever.” Instagram stories relate to both rules. They offer an illusion of exclusivity and transience in a place where everything is near permanence.

What if you want a post to last longer than twenty-four hours? What if it’s a funny video or meme you feel that you need to add to your collection and share later? Here are three simple methods you can use to accomplish this.

1. Download the Entire Web Page

For this example I used both Chrome and Firefox. Firefox seems to work better for this. Chrome works for images but has a hard time with videos, while Firefox had no problems at all.

1. Open the Instagram story you want to capture.

2. Right-click on either side of the rectangle where the story is displayed (not on the video or picture but any empty space around it). This will give you a context menu.


3. From the menu select “Save As” or “Save page as” (if you’re using Firefox).

4. This will display the “Save as” screen. From here, you can select where you want to save the web page. You can name it whatever you want; I would advise that you keep the “html” extension though. Make sure to save as type “Web Page, Complete.”


5. Open file explorer (or any application that you use as a file browser). Navigate to where you saved the Instagram Stories web page. Every time you save a complete web page, it will create an accompanying resource folder where it stores files like pictures and scripts.

The folder should be named after the web page suffixed with: “_files.” If the name of your saved web page is “Stories • Instagram,” the name of the resource folder would be “Stories • Instagram_files.” Navigate to the resource folder.


6. In the resource folder you will find a list of files responsible for making the web page display correctly. What we are interested in here are the pictures. I suggest you sort the files here by their type and view the files as either large or extra-large icons. This will allow you to see the thumbnail of the picture from the story that you are looking for.

7. After finding the picture, you can delete the web page and everything else in the resource folder.

The biggest disadvantage in this method is that it’s wasteful and a bit time consuming. The benefit here is that all you need is a simple web browser – no extensions required.

2. Using Chrono Download Manager

Chrono manager is a multipurpose extension for Chromium-based web browsers. It replaces the default download manager with a highly customizable one. It comes with a sniffer that can be used to find and download pictures, videos, links and documents from a web page.

Chrono’s sniffer makes downloading stories a lot easier. You can even download story videos in different variants and sizes. Chrono allows you to download a user’s stories in bulk, which means you do not have to download them one by one.

1. From your browser open the Instagram stories you want to download. You can let the stories run until near completion, but make sure you click on the Instagram stories “Close” button before it completely runs the last one, or it will redirect you back to your Instagram home page, and Chrono sniffer will lose the list of stories.


2. Click on the Chrono extension icon on your browser. If it displays the download list, just click on the sniffer icon on the top-right hand corner of the list.

3. The Chrono sniffer gives you four main sections separated by tabs: video, image, document and other. Since Instagram stories are most likely to be the first two, we will focus on those sections. Under the video section you may find that the Chrono sniffer has come back with a long list of links. If you want to know which ones are the stories, just check the “Remarks” in the list. Generally, stories have this remark: “Stories • Instagram.”


4. My only gripe with the Chrono sniffer is it does not have thumbnails for videos, and you cannot really tell which is which by the links. You will have to do some guess work, trial and error or download all the videos and delete the ones you don’t want. You may find that some of these videos are the same, but they are in different qualities, variants and/or sizes. That is because Instagram automatically switches the quality to suit a user’s Internet speed. You can select and tick each link you want to download from the list or just select everything.


5. It is easy to distinguish between which pictures you want to download and which ones you do not. Just make sure you have “Preview” ticked. Again, Instagram story images will have the remark: “Stories • Instagram” next to them. You can sort them using this heading. Once you have done that, you can choose which images you want to download.


Once you are done picking what you want to download, you can click on the “Download All” button.

3. Using 4k Stogram

4K Stogram is currently one of the most well-equipped cross-platform applications to deal with anything that has to do with Instagram. It’s free but you can purchase a license to gain access to its premium features. You can learn more about it here.

1. Before you can download stories with 4k Stogram, you need to log into your Instagram account from it. After you have opened the application, the first thing you should do is click on “Tools” from the top menu bar and select “Preferences.”


2. From here, ensure that the “Download Instagram Stories” box is ticked. Enter your Instagram credentials at the bottom, then click on “Log In.”


3. Enter in the user name or Instagram account URL.

4. Click on the arrow at the end of the text box to expand advanced options.


5. Since you are just downloading stories, you need to select “Only Stories (For users)” from the dropdown menu.


6. As soon as you have done all of this, you can click on the “Subscribe” button. This will bring back and download all the user’s stories and highlights.

Final Word

There’s more than one way to steal the Instagram story of your dreams. I would be remiss if I told you that these were even the best methods. There are extensions like chrome IG story and web applications that specialise in Instagram content thievery. Torch browser’s media downloader can be used to download Instagram story videos, too. Do note that as Facebook and Instagram implement greater security measures and become less enthusiastic about sharing their APIs, what worked yesterday may not work today.

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