Download Instagram Photos and Videos in Bulk with 4K Stogram

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One of the negatives of Instagram is that it doesn’t allow you to download photos and videos. You can share the photos and videos to various other outlets, but you can’t download the photos and videos for your own use.

4K Stogram solves this problem and takes it one step further. Not only does it allow you to download from Instagram, but it automatically downloads and does it in bulk. You can download an entire account of photos and videos to your hard drive in minutes.

Downloading 4K Stogram

Visit the 4K website to directly download the software for either Mac, PC, or Ubuntu. I reviewed the Mac version of the software.


Like most Mac downloads, it gives you a .dmg file, and once you double-click that, it brings up a window asking you to drag the software into your Applications folder. After that you’ll find it in your Launchpad.

Setting Up 4K Stogram


The first time you launch 4K Stogram, it opens up a file in your browser that thanks you for downloading the software, a nice added touch.

Once you close out that browser window, you’ll see the open window of the 4K Stogram application.


It gives you an easy-to-follow diagram to show you three different ways to find photos and videos. Either you can enter the username of a person you follow on Instagram, a hashtag of a grouping of photos and videos you’d like to download, or a geographical location for a unique grouping of photos and videos.

But before you start downloading, you need to sign in with your Instagram account. To do that, go to the Menu Bar and pull down on the “4K Stogram” tab. Select Preferences. This will allow you to select a particular download location. I left it as the default, but after the fact I’d wished I’d selected my iCloud Folder.


Additionally, it will allow you to select how you would like the files sorted and options for advanced filters and the updating of photos every five minutes. After setting these options, you need to add your Instagram username and password and click “Log In.”


After logging in a window will pop up prompting you for a license key. While the software is free to use, if you buy a license for $9.95 you will be allowed access to an unlimited number of private and non-private user accounts. The free version is limited to two private account downloads and the follow of two simultaneous hashtags, geolocations, or usernames.

Using 4K Stogram

Now that you have the software set up with your preferences, login information, and possible license key, you can begin adding accounts and start downloading right away.

I started by adding my daughter’s username to download all of her pictures and videos to my Mac. Add the username at the top of the window and hit Subscribe. It immediately begins downloading and shows you a running total of how many have been downloaded and how many you have already seen.


As a disclaimer, I have blocked out an image from what can be seen of my daughter’s Instagram in the photo below. There was someone in the picture other than her, and I did not have this woman’s permission to reprint her photo online. That’s an important thing to remember in this process. While you can download any files you want from anyone’s Instagram, including accounts that are marked private, you shouldn’t republish them online without permission. Additionally, I blocked out my daughter’s username for Instagram.

After the photos and videos have downloaded, you don’t have to do anything. They are already downloaded to your hard drive in the folder specified in your Preferences. But if you’d like to view one immediately without going back through Finder, you can click on the image in the app, and it will open the photo in your default image viewer. If you open a video, it will open in your default video viewer. When I clicked on this video, it opened in Quicktime.


There are also icons included on the photos and videos, such as a star, a folder, and three vertical dots that will help you locate, open, and share the photos and videos, but for the most part I didn’t use these. I found my way around just be clicking the photos and videos and going directly to them in the Finder.

I also tried searching for hashtag “#sunsets.” That opened up many, many photos and videos from Instagram that had been hashtagged as “sunsets.” They downloaded to my hard drive the same way all of my daughter’s photos and videos did. I’ll be taking a cruise next year that will stop in CuraƧao, and I’ve been researching the area, so I tried putting that in as a location, and it brought up many, many beautiful pictures of the area as well as selfies of users in the Caribbean country.

Controlling Accounts on 4K Stogram

Again, with a license key you have the option to subscribe to as many user accounts as you want to. You can even subscribe to your own so that you have all your own photos and videos downloaded to your hard drive, or you can have the app subscribe to every account that you follow on Instagram. You can find these options in the Menu Bar under Edit.


Remember in the Preferences there was an option to update your photos every five minutes. If you didn’t select that, you can update anytime you wish via Edit in the Menu Bar. Because these options can add an incredible amount of photos to your hard drive, there are also options to pause and remove your subscriptions.

Wrapping Up

There are so many different ways this app can be used, and it definitely solves an issue. You’re no longer blocked from downloading everything that you want from Instagram. You just need to be responsible with this tool and again not publish the photos and videos online unless you receive permission to do so.

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