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While there are many apps to download Instagram photos and videos, it’s quite a hassle to bulk download an account’s entire Instagram history. Also, downloading the photos of private Instagram accounts is not supported by most applications. What you need is a download tool that can save the media files in a format your hard disk understands.

This is where 4K Stogram can prove real helpful. All you have to do is type in an Instagram username of a friend or celebrity that you follow, and you can download thousands of photos and videos in an instant. They will be available on your computer hard drive for offline access. The desktop application supports Windows, Mac, and Linux, and we have tested it to be virus-free.

Is it Legal to Bulk Download Instagram Photos and Videos?

Every user agrees to certain terms and conditions once they upload their pictures on Instagram. By default, Instagram is a “public” social media platform. This means such content is already available for public consumption. In fact, Instagram celebrities regularly upload their favorite moments to build their popularity.

4k Stogram Legal 1

If you have been approved by a friend who has a private Instagram page, you can download their stories. In fact, a lot of online memes can be traced back to Instagram users sharing a slice of their lives with the whole world. Do remember the images and videos still belong to the respective users on Instagram. They cannot be used in a commercial manner without their explicit permission, especially if it’s a company Instagram page. Use your best judgment!

Installation and Account Activation

You can install 4K Stogram on Mac, Windows, or Linux using this download link. It currently supports macOS 10.13 and later, Windows 7 and later, and Ubuntu 64-bit. The download, installation, and account creation is free and doesn’t take very long.

4k Stogram Download Operating Systems 1

It’s better to buy a one-time personal or pro license (see pricing section) to use this product in any meaningful capacity. After you make a purchase, activating a license is a breeze. The product can be used for up to three desktop PCs, whether Windows, Mac, or Linux.

4k Stogram License Activated 1

How to Bulk Download Instagram Photos and Videos Using 4K Stogram

To bulk download the pictures and videos of any Instagram user, you only need to enter their username or hashtag in the Subscribe field. It automatically searches for Instagram users to help download their contents. The screenshots shown are for Windows 10. The user interface does feel somewhat dated and dull.

4k Stogram Search Instagram Accounts 1

As soon as you click “Subscribe” for the Instagram user in question, all their photos and videos will start downloading to your computer’s background. It works amazingly fast, and you won’t even notice anything on your desktop. It does its job silently.

You only see live updates of the photos, videos, hashtags, and locations updating on 4K Stogram’s dashboard. Depending on your Internet connection speed, you can download multiple Instagram account details simultaneously.

This, however, is a particular disadvantage, as you can’t really select the individual files you want to download. You may not want to download an entire Instagram profile and may only want a handful of specific pictures.

4k Stogram Posts Updating 1

4K Stogram creates a default folder on your computer where all the contents are automatically downloaded and synced. You can pause updates and resume whenever you would like.

4k Stogram Not Activated 1

Moreover, you can always change the output folder in “Preferences.”

4k Stogram Preferences 1

In the end, you will get a 4K Stogram update-completed message on the right-side tray menu. This indicates you have been able to download all the pictures successfully for a specific Instagram profile.

4k Stogram Update Completed 1

All the pictures and videos have now been saved in a relevant folder based on the Instagram account. You can easily browse them as a slideshow with any default photo application.

4k Stogram Photos Downloaded 1

The tool works easily with private Instagram accounts as long as you are an approved follower. To be able to download private accounts’ content, you should be logged in and a follower of those accounts (approved follower).

Applications of 4K Stogram

Downloading Instagram elements is generally very easy. This makes 4K Stogram quite a useful tool. It helps you achieve the following:

  1. Making a backup of your own Instagram: while it can be done through other means, this is an extremely fast method, particularly if you are planning to close your Instagram account or make it private.
  2. Exploring friend’s feeds: you can now explore your friend’s feeds in an organized manner.
  3. Downloading Instagram photos by hashtag: is there an ongoing Instagram trend? You can now download all the pics of that trend in real time.
  4. Downloading Instagram Stories: most stories only last 24 hours and are only available with mobile applications. 4K Stogram can now help you download user stories whenever you want.
  5. Downloading Instagram photos by location: if the photos have a saved geotagging location, you can save all the visuals of any particular city.
  6. Exporting the data: all the data can be exported to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Reddit, right from your interface.


The 4K Stogram application does not require a yearly subscription. Instead the solution has a basic free version plus two one-time pricing tiers: an unlimited pro license and a limited personal license for up to 10 Instagram subscriptions. With the unlimited pro license, you enjoy subscription access with no limits to as many Instagram accounts as you want. Even with a personal license, you enjoy unlimited posts and private-user downloads for your choice of up to ten subscriptions.

4k Stogram Pricing Options Pro Personal 1

The free account is good for trial only. It lets you download the content from at most two Instagram accounts with a cap at 200 posts download per day.

Final Notes

4K Stogram is not the only desktop application online that downloads Instagram pictures – there are hundreds of other tools. This is, perhaps, one of the best tools, though. However, there is a missing manual control feature that would allow you to handpick specific files.

Note that some discretion is advised. You cannot break any applicable copyright laws. When in doubt, good taste and judgment should be used in the viewing and sharing of Instagram photos.

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