How to Download Folder(s) From Your Dropbox In Android [Quick Tips]

If you are a Dropbox and Android user like I do, you will probably install the Dropbox app on your Android and have access to your files wherever you go. While the Dropbox allows you to export your file to the SD card, it doesn’t give you the capability to download a single (or multiple) folder to your mobile device. If you are looking for the solution, here’s the fix.

1. Download the Folder Downloader For Dropbox app from the Play Store.

2. Once installed, open the app. Make sure the Dropbox app is already installed in your Android phone. You should see an authentication screen. Press the “Authenticate” button.


This will launch the Dropbox app and prompt you to allow access to the Folder Downloader app. Press “Allow”.


3. After the authentication, it will bring you back to the app where you can select the folder in your Dropbox account that you want to download. You can either press the “Download all to…” button at the bottom of the screen to download all the folders, or long press at a single folder until the “Download folder to…” popup appear.


4. Select the location in your SD card to export the folder to. It will then prompt you if you want to start the download. If you select “Yes”, do take note that the process is not interruptible. The downloading process will be dependent on the file size of the folder. The larger the file size, the longer it takes to complete the download.


That’s it.

There is another app – Downloader for Dropbox – that can do the same thing, but it requires you to enter your Dropbox’s username and password instead of the oauth authentication method. If you are concerned with security, this is not an app you will want to get.

Do also note that the above method only allows you to download folders from your Dropbox account. It doesn’t allow you to sync your local files/folders with Dropbox. There are plenty of Dropbox sync client in the Play Store, but my personal favorite is still the Dropspace


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