How to Download Files from Terminal in Mac OS X and View Its Progress

How to Download Files from Terminal in Mac OS X and View Its Progress

Although this isn’t a new tip, it’s one that you may not be aware of: you can download files from Terminal in Mac OS X.

If you are one who often downloads files from the Internet, it may be more convenient for you to do this from Terminal because you won’t need to leave your browser open. Plus, you can view the progress of the download and speed in real-time, which can be very handy – especially when downloading large files.

Open Terminal on your Mac and enter the following command:

curl -O URL

That’s a capital letter “O” – this is very important. Be sure to replace “URL” with the actual URL of the file that you want to download.

Download completed via Terminal in Mac OS X.

You can use cd ~Directory to change where the file is saved.

Note: This method saves files to the root of your home directory (ie. “/yourusername”). If you want to change the directory, you would first enter “cd ~Directory” in terminal (ie. cd ~Downloads), and then use the curl command.

via OSXDaily

Charnita Fance
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