How to Download Your Files Faster with Persepolis

Quick Errorless Downloads With Persepolis Featured

When downloading large files, it’s worth using a download manager like Persepolis. Supporting multiple threads, it allows you to download the file at the max speeds your connection allows. If there’s a break in the connection, instead of starting the download from scratch, you’ll be able to resume it. And instead of having the download eating up all your connection’s bandwidth and precious system resources, you can schedule it for whenever you’re not actively using your computer. Read on to see how you can download files faster with Persepolis


Persepolis is available for Linux, Windows, macOS and BSD. Download the respective installer from its website and install it in your OS. If you’re running an official variant of Ubuntu or a compatible distribution, Persepolis is available in the default repositories. Thus, you’ll be able to install it from the Software Center.

Quick Errorless Downloads With Persepolis Software Center

Terminal warriors can do the same with:

sudo apt install persepolis
Quick Errorless Downloads With Persepolis Apt Install

On Arch, find Persepolis in AUR. You can build it yourself, but it would probably be better to install an AUR helper and then install it through them.

On Fedora use:

sudo dnf install persepolis

Downloading with Persepolis

Let’s see how you can use Persepolis to download Ubuntu’s latest release. Run Persepolis and your favorite browser. Visit Ubuntu’s official site with the browser.

Quick Errorless Downloads With Persepolis Ubuntu Site In Firefox

Follow the instructions to download the file. When you reach the final link, right-click on it and choose “Copy Link Location” if you’re using Firefox or the respective command in your browser to copy the file’s URL to the clipboard. If the download autostarts, cancel it.

Quick Errorless Downloads With Persepolis Copy Link Location

Click on the button with the “+” sign in Persepolis to have it create a new download from the link in the clipboard. You can start the download immediately or tweak some options about its transfer by clicking on “Show Options.”

If you decide to customize the download, the window will “unfold” to show the transfer’s options. These allow you to change the “Download Folder” where the file will be saved, add a “Username and Password” if you’re trying to download from a site that requires login, and set the “Proxy” server if you’re behind one. Finally, you can define start/end times to schedule when the download will run, limit its speed, and also tweak the number of connections.

Quick Errorless Downloads With Persepolis Add Download

This last setting is set at 16 by default. That’s already considered a maximum for most servers, so we don’t suggest you increase it. On the contrary, many file servers have a limit of eight connections. If your download fails, it’s worth tweaking this value to a number bellow eight. However, this will also reduce the maximum speed you’ll be able to achieve on your connection.

A final click on “OK” will have the download start immediately. Alternatively, click on “Download later” to postpone the download for a future time, adding it to Persepolis’s list in a paused state.

Manage Your Downloads

To start a download, select any entry in Persepolis’s main window and click on the button with the “play” icon. You can use the “pause” and “stop” buttons right next to it to temporarily pause or altogether stop an active download.

Each download is also presented in its own window where you have access to the same actions: Resume, Pause, and Stop.

Quick Errorless Downloads With Persepolis Downloading

The “Downloaded Options” in each downloading file’s window allow you to limit the transfer speed to make sure the download doesn’t affect your gaming or browsing. Iff you’re not planning on staying in front of the screen, you can enable “After download.” That can automatically shut down your computer when the download completes.

Quick Errorless Downloads With Persepolis Download Options

Persepolis comes with two download lists by default. The primary list is used for micromanaging your downloads on your own. The other list is “Scheduled Downloads.” This allows you to add desired download files automatically during a specific time frame.

You can send files from one list to the other by right-clicking on any download and choosing “Send to” and the name of the list.

Quick Errorless Downloads With Persepolis Send To Queue

If you visit the predefined “Scheduled Downloads” list, you’ll be able to define a start and end time during which Persepolis will download your files automatically.

You can also choose if it will start downloading the files from the top or the bottom of the list and whether it will keep your computer awake while downloading.

Quick Errorless Downloads With Persepolis Scheduling

Along with the two predefined lists, you can create more lists. Each one can have its own parameters and schedule. For that, click on Persepolis’s main menu and select “Queue -> Create new queue.”

Quick Errorless Downloads With Persepolis New Queue

With Persepolis acting as a simple-to-use frontend for aria2c, all your downloads will be only one click away.

Are you using a different download manager? If yes, which one and why do you prefer it over the alternatives? Do you like having a central GUI from which to manage all your downloads? Do you prefer grabbing each file whenever you need it with something like wget? Tell us in the comments section below.

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