Download EASEUS Partition Master For Free – 24 Hours Only

We have previously covered how to use the free Easus Partition Master Home edition to resize your hard disk. If you have used and loved the software, then you are now in for a good treat.

MakeTechEasier has collaborated with Partition-Tool to offer you a free download of the highly popular Easus Partition Master. In case you are wondering, this is not a demo download. This is the full feature professional edition with licensing. What used to cost $39.95 is now free – for a limited 24 hours and for MakeTechEasier readers only.

Most people are unwilling to handle any hard disk partitiong issue because it is a complicated task that carries risk of losing all your data, and possibly cause your hard disk to crash. What Easus Partition Master does is provide you with a comprehensive, yet user-friendly hard disk partition management tool to carry out the seemingly difficult task. With Easus Partition Master, partitioning your hard disk is just a breeze.

In the EASEUS Partition Master Professional Edition, you can enjoy all the powerful functions including

  • Disk copy wizard, partition copy wizard to protect data
  • 1.5TB hard disk supported
  • Resize and Move partitions
  • Copy Partition
  • Copy Disk to protect data
  • Create, Delete and Format partitions
  • Hide and Unhide partitions
  • Create a bootable CD/DVD
  • and much more.

In addition, it works perfectly with hardware RAID and Windows 2000/XP/Vista (32 bit and 64 bit).

You shall wait no more. Here is the link to download:

The above link will expire on 27 Feb 2009, 11.59pm (Eastern time).

Enjoy the software.


  1. Great product and thank you for the free download

    1. A. often will not unzip
      B. When it does install, it is a demo version, & I’m happy to uninstall it.

  2. Great product, thanks for the link!

  3. Great product, thanks for the link!

  4. Link seems broken. Points here:
    Actually is not working as well.
    I hope to be able to get this free download.

    Many thanks.

  5. Note that’s a lowercase “L” in the password and not an uppercase “i”.

    1. Anyone else having any issues opening zip file that is downloaded?

  6. the link isn’t working?

    1. link isn’t working for me either…

  7. I can’t open the downloaded zip file either. I get ‘cannot open as archive’.

    1. I had the same problem when I used Firefox. I then tried IE7 and it downloaded and opened fine.

  8. Yup, can’t open the .zip

    File corrupted. Not exactly the best start for drawing attention to your product. The free part certainly works, but when you get something broken, it knocks the whole image part down 3-4 notches.

    Not sure why offers like this don’t try and bolster their servers a little more. You KNOW there’s going to be a ton of traffic. Even submitting comments is difficult.

  9. Yup, can’t open the .zip

    File corrupted. Not exactly the best start for drawing attention to your product. The free part certainly works, but when you get something broken, it knocks the whole image part down 3-4 notches.

    Not sure why offers like this don’t try and bolster their servers a little more. You KNOW there’s going to be a ton of traffic. Even submitting comments is difficult.

  10. I can’t get the downloaded zip file to open either.

  11. I tried both windows and 7-zip to decompress the file – I didn’t have any luck either.

  12. The reason you’re having trouble opening the zip file is that it didn’t download completely; try getting the file using a download manager with an automatic resume function (like Free Download Manager or whatever else you like) and you shouldn’t have any problems extracting the zip file.

    1. thanks
      but very slow

    2. Is there a code/key that the installer needs?

      Also, I was having trouble downloading the file as well, but I finally got it. The MD5SUM hash code of the complete zip file is: 2e21f4b7661575a54eccd5bb70d18286

    3. Had the same problem. It disconnected before the download completed and when I tries to restart, the file was no longer available. Is 10:47 EST.

  13. Works great here. I have even blogged and installed it. Thanks for the software.

  14. What happened to free. Looks like you shut the site down and add authorization to access. Not very forth coming!!!!

  15. Sorry, Obviously I am blind today….Thanks for the download

  16. I’ve been trying to get this all morning. Even a download manager with an automatic resume does not work. It resumes fine the first 2 or 3 times then it starts over.

  17. Easeus website is down!

  18. This got posted on LifeHacker, so it’s probably bringing the site down. I’m having trouble even getting the DL to start.

  19. Thanks so much for the free DL! Matthew is right use free download manager and it will get the whole file.

  20. The finished download should be 38.67MiB, I believe. Can someone with a finished download post a hash for verification?

  21. Too much traffic apparently, cannot open link. Glad they are offering it free, what better way to advertise – word of mouth from the people getting/using the free copy.

  22. The server is full, i can’t download!

  23. The download crashed halfway through. I’m getting a 500 internal server error.

    Looks like a lot of folks are trying to get this and it’s crashing the system…

    Internal Server Error

    The server encountered an internal error or misconfiguration and was unable to complete your request.

    Please contact the server administrator, and inform them of the time the error occurred, and anything you might have done that may have caused the error.

    More information about this error may be available in the server error log.

    Additionally, a 500 Internal Server Error error was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the request

  24. dead link

  25. I can’t even get this download to start now. Free, what a joke.

  26. link dont work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  27. its a joke, right??? link dont work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  28. The download does not seem to be starting… 1pm PST.

  29. Download site down. Sigh. Figures.

  30. looks like the “lifehacker effect” has taken place, their server appears to be way overloaded. I’ve had about 10 download attempts fail at various stages. @matthew, download managers won’t work, it doesn’t appear to be set up to allow resuming downloads.

  31. Their website is not responding=(

  32. The site seems to be down. When I did get the download, it was only the header file.

  33. Not impressed, if you have to download/install some 3rd party software to be able to then download this app, it’s not worth it! Been trying on & off since this morning, the only thing this has shown me is to stay away from it and to stick to Paragon.

  34. Is this for real or is there some other agenda they have like market research? Seven attempts over several hours from different connections and they all crap out at about 25% of the download . Also the server does not support automatic resume. Guess it is just too good to be true

  35. wow the link doesn’t even work, keep getting an unavailable website..

  36. Awesome! Thanks Damien. Us MUOers really love our free software.

  37. I have tried all the Default Downloaders from IE, Firefox, Chrome and they all didn’t work. I even tried Orbit and DAP many times with no luck.

    Finally I tried the Free Download Manager and after many many tries I managed finally to download the file successfully :)

    For ppl who still can’t download it, try to play with protocol settings in free download manager, it may give you better results catching that file.

  38. We have tried and tried. The zip file only partially downloads then fails.

  39. I used FDM, loaded the entire 38.7MB and the file still will not open. It says the compressed folder is invalid.

  40. Thanks Matthew for the downloader tip.
    After installing I can’t make a boot cd. Am I missing something?

  41. I have been using the freeware version of this program. That was up until this. You people need to provide a direct download link from a working server. I will never use this product again if this download does not work. I have wasted well over 1.5 hours of my time on this. I have also a very bad taste for this website.

  42. Wow this isnt working for me either, and by the time it does, the link will be cloesed…It either downloads only half way then stops, or i get a failed to connect error..Any suggestions, i’ve tried using both Chrome and Firefox.

  43. nope tried the dl mngr didnt work either. links bunk.
    anyone get it?

  44. What a complete waste of time,12 incomplete downloads.

  45. What a complete waste of time,12 incomplete downloads.

  46. Took 3 attempts to get it using Firefox browser.
    Each time it picked up where it left off.
    Many thanks

  47. Here is a Wikisend link for all you guys having trouble (look me nearly 10 tries until it finished)

  48. Rockin’ Free Software, THANKS!
    …kind of like “Partition Magic”, but a MUCH better price! ;)

    ps: For the ‘Password’, always use ‘Cut-and-Paste’ – That will prevent many errors!

    pps: My first Downloaded Zip wouldn’t open either – used FireFox’s “DownThemAll” extension, and eveything’s PERFECT!

  49. Why should anyone be confident in their software, free or not, given the way they have mishandled the download traffic?

  50. Yep, I failed three times to download the file using WinXP standard method and all failed. Then I used FlashGet with a single thread and it worked fine but took a loooooooong time.
    Downloaded zipfile uncompresses fine.

  51. Can’t even download : download speed dies to ~0 after a couple of minutes.

  52. when you enter your password, theres an automatic kick-off after so many minutes (so the download stops) – if the download gets interrupted, click the link again, and sign in, but then resume your origional download. (you need a download manager .. ie opera)
    working for me right now..

  53. it would be nice if you could actually download the program. What kind of promotion is it if you cant use it?

  54. Downloaded four times with
    and without download managers.
    This file is inherently corrupt. Period.

  55. Thanks for the post and free download

  56. Use DownThemAll. It worked the first time.

  57. Use DownThemAll. It worked the first time I tried it.

  58. @Matthew

    Hey, thanks for the great tip. I tried like 10 times but it didn’t work until I downloaded FDM. Also, it gave me a faster download speed than anything I used before. I dunno if that is a coincidence, but cool nonetheless.

  59. True what Matthew said. It took me numerous tries using Opera’s resume transfer. Much thanx!!

  60. Bad download, does not give a good first impression.

  61. I tried to download the file, but the username and password combo don’t seem to work, and it is not midnight yet. I tried lowercase l and uppercase I and copy/paste of the password, and nothing works.

  62. The Username and password won’t work for me?

  63. 9:41 PM EDST 401 error, password didn’t work

  64. The username and password are not being accepted.

  65. Can’t get the password to work.
    Yes, I know it’s a lower case “L” (l).

  66. I never did manage to get it downloaded earlier, and now the server is flat-out rejecting the password. It’s not midnight EST yet!

  67. Is there a key/install code that the installer needs?

    And yes, I had to download the file multiple times to finally complete the download.

    The MD5SUM hash of the zip file is 2e21f4b7661575a54eccd5bb70d18286

  68. user/pass isn’t working for me, even when copying and pasting. Unless it’s past 11.59 where this deal is.

  69. the username/password are not working.

  70. the username/password are not working.

  71. now the link is saying file not found.

  72. Page not found as of 9:55 ET.

  73. Got three “completed” downloads, all different sizes- and now the password isn’t working. guess they think 7 pm arizona is after 1159 Eastern. *sigh* Guess I’ll just have to glue 2 of the free 32 bit downloads together into a 64 bit version…

  74. Link seems to be broken. Takes me to a page not found error on the Easeus website.

  75. Link seems to be broken. Takes me to a page not found error on the Easeus website.

  76. Seems the website says “file not found” at 10pm…

  77. It is 10:00 and after trying for over an hour, including the use of a download manager, the best download stopped at 97%. Now the site is down. Wonder if we can still get a copy since it wasn’t our fault the site went down before the time expired. Rain checks?

  78. Hey It isnt 11:59 EST and i tried free download manager and it didnt work :(

  79. The link isn’t working

  80. If anyone was successful in downloading the zip, can you email it to me? Just post and I’ll get back with you. Thanx

  81. The link is down and it’s only 10:48…thanks for the download I guess >.>

  82. tried several times but all I got was “page cannot be found” so much for my first experience with Make Tech easier. Do I get a rin check on the download?

  83. Guess they took it down early. When I follow the link I just comes up saying:


    Sorry, your requested resource is not found.

    Please Contact US so we can resolve this issue or click HERE to go to our starting page.

    It’s 7:56pm now (PST) so that would be 10:56pm EST

  84. seems like the link no longer works as of around 9:50 pm central.
    did it get pulled early due to overwhelming demand?

  85. LAME. Link goes to

    Sorry, your requested resource is not found.

  86. The link does not work!
    And, I assume, this is for the PRO edition 3.0, not the usual free Home Edition 3.0.

  87. “The above link will expire on 27 Feb 2009, 11.59pm (Eastern time).”

    my a$$, the link is dead now “file not found”
    its 11pm EST

  88. The link goes to

    Sorry, your requested resource is not found.

  89. Link was taken down early. I had 18 minutes left and it is no longer available! Bummer….

  90. also cannot get the download to work. Can you guys extend the offer until the download works?

  91. It’s only 11:52 and the link isn’t working now. It says 11:57. What gives??

  92. The download hasn’t worked for me since I started trying at 4 this afternoon. Goes to page not found. Bummer.a

  93. Well that sucks.. The download got corrupted, so I couldn’t open the zip.. And now the download is offline.. xD

  94. I just got notified by the developers that there is some issue with the network and the link, that why some of you are experiencing sloe download and corrupted file.

    As a compensation, the developers decided to extend the offer for another 24 hours.

    Rest assure that this time the network and the link are well taken care of, so you shouldn’t experience any more issue now.

    1. So . . . download time extended?? Link is still crossed out!!

    2. Link still does not work as of 02/28 @ 09:06, so much for extending the offer.

      Very bad first impression, seems like only offering to get the traffic.

    3. Huh? The link is marked through and I still get Page not found. What is going on?

    4. The link is still dead…

    5. Wonderful… where is the link?

    6. When does the good download begin?

    7. Still didn’t work.

    8. The old download link is still there, but crossed out and not working. Still waiting for the new link. When will the link be operational?

    9. the offer is extended??? where???

    10. I have been waiting for the link to be reactivated since 2:00 EST this afternoon, still nothing. A little direction please.

  95. Thanks… I’ll try again tomorrow. I still would like to give the program a try and it looks promising.

  96. As of 10:00am GMT link not working.

  97. Lots of trouble i see.
    You could download the free edition
    It cannot create a bootable disc but it works fine under Windows.
    I downloaded the file just fine about 24 hrs ago, so thanks for that.

  98. It’s really not fair! I liv in South Africa abd have just received this notofication – AFTER the generous offer expired! I reckon I should qualift for a free download too! What do you say? Here’s hoping…

  99. I am not sure what time zone the MakeTechEasier site is on, but it is Saturday February 28th at 05:30 AM EST as I write this. The download link continues to be quite dead, with the error “The page can not be found.”

  100. Not!
    Still 404 on the link.

  101. When will it be available for download again Damien??

  102. Not fair Easeus!! I live somewhere far, far away, in a place called South Africa. Ever heard of it? I received my LifeHacker notification just now, but already too late. I was “out of time.” So how about an extension of time just for me??

  103. I live in South Africa, far, far away. Ever heard of it? Well, I got my LifeHacker notification just now, after expiry of Easeus’ offer. How about an extension. Your captchas can be “interpreted” in too many ways…

  104. I received the “promo” email for the free download well after the midnight cutoff time!! Guess I will continue with Powerquest Partition Manager – not a very good introduction to your software!

  105. I always get mad at people who review a download and give it a negative review because they could not get the download to work but in this case it was poorly set up, if you had a slow connection forget it. Every ten minutes it would get cut off, my guess for “inactivity” but that was just ONE of many problems. If this company has any pride they will reprimand the tech person that set this failure up and offer this link again. Just ask TuCows,, MajorGeeks how they prepare their downloads so that all people can get it. I am mad but also very disappointed because I have their free version but the features I need the most are only on PRO version, Please consider my request, Sincerely, Joseph W.

    1. Update, I got a email from “Fred” telling me that this offer is on again. I tried it and all went well. So, it tool a long time but I finally got it, Thank You.

  106. That wonderful… but where’s the link ? The original link has been crossed out ….

    PS I downloaded 3 times wit 3 different browsers and nothing worked… so much for the download manager huh !

  107. Link is still not working.

  108. I tried several times to download it without success. Tye offer has now expired. What good is a promotion most folks can’t access?

  109. Is there any chance this promotion could be extended. As generous as it was, it was somewhat useless as it was impossible to download. I guess the demand was extensive and servers could not handle the traffic.

  110. That’s great, would love to get a copy of this software. Still get a ‘file not found’ error though and no new link to download.

  111. After attempting several times throughout the day I was finally able to download the file and today when tried to use it discovered the file is corrupt. Hopefully they make this right.

  112. Still shows page cannot be found……

  113. Well… I tried to download this product through the link for several hours yesterday. Today, I see that Damien has posted a notice that the developer is extending the offer. I do think that is only right. But, the link in the article still points to a “not found” page. And I see now that my comments keep getting deleted.

    Just thought it would be nice to check out the product… but I guess that’s STILL not looking too likely.

  114. Am I missing the new link?

  115. Isn’t it clear enough that NOBODY READS YOUR COMMENTS ON THAT SITE

  116. Lifehacker offered a free download of Easeus Partition Manager Professional in an email dated 2/28/09 at 12:33 AM. When I attempted to download it I was told the offer expired at 11:59 PM on 12/27/09.

    How do I access this download?

  117. Whatever happened to the 24 hours extension? It is now 19h00 EST (Eastern Standard Time) on Feb 28, and I have been trying the link periodically for the last 16 hours, always getting “The page cannot be found” as a result.

    Are these people (Easeus) a serious business, or not?

  118. Still no link working.

  119. What happened?

  120. download link doesn’t work

  121. Interesting… the time on my post say’s 6:44 am. The current time is 2/28/2009 10:46 est.

  122. I must apologize. The developer haven’t replied to me regarding the dead link. For those who have not downloaded the file, or got a corrupted file, here is an alternative link. It will only be available for a limited time.

  123. I must apologize. The developer haven’t replied to me regarding the dead link. For those who have not downloaded the file, or got a corrupted file, here is an alternative link. It will only be available for a limited time.

  124. Thanks. I had mentioned the download problem to them showing them my post on DonationCoder .. how I tried the download many times and never got a full download and it was turned off an hour early.

    “According to the link you supplied, the download link is not supplied by us officially.”

    So thanks for the extension. This last one worked fine first time.




  125. that’s great.

    I have dowload the file and work well!!!

    Thank you…

  126. I will be removing the alternate link on 1st March 2009 7pm (eastern time) sharp. For those who have not download the file, this is the last chance.

    1. Thanks Damien! It must have been one of those days, eh?

  127. Thanks for the link

  128. Read Damien’s post at 3/1/09 6:47am for the direct link.

    It worked for me at 2:08AST.

  129. No offense Damien, but why the $%$## didn’t you make the announcement of a new site SOMEWHERE besides buried in a huge stack of comments? Here I’ve been carefully watching for the old link to change several times every day since and nothing of course.

    Would it not have made sense to post the new site in the main body of the message near the old link or better yet, remove the old link and replace it. This would allow those of us who have been checking several times a day to see a CHANGE and have a decent opportunity to download it. Burying it in the middle of a bunch of old comments is just too cheesy to believe. I was told at the company website I would have another opportunity to download it. I don’t believe I was given that chance. Thanks for nothing.

  130. Guess we just do without… sucks I need the 64 bit compatability.

    1. Same! I always late:)

  131. Here’s a Partition Magic clone that has even been updated for Vista and Windows 7, free for personal or business use. Partition Wizard – Free partitioning utility.

  132. New Chance today. offers the newest version (4.0.1) today. :-)

  133. when to get newest easeus partition manager 4.1.1?

  134. I use Partition Wizard Home Edition. It supports both 32 & 64 bit windows. including Windows 7.

  135. NOT SURE WHAT THE OTHERS SEEM TO BE DOING WRONG BUT MINE WORKED FINE THRU OUT INTIRE DOWNLOAD AND INSTALL PROCESS. SOME ANTIVIRUS PROGRAMS AND MAlware programs may at times stop downloads if they see it as possibble threats to system so maybe try shuting down those particlular programs during download and install process.
    not sure but couldn't hurt.
    i'm using windows7 on my comp

    1. there is a software support many OS ,such as :Windows 7 (32 & 64 bit)
      Windows Vista (32 & 64 bit)
      Windows XP (32 & 64 bit)
      Windows 2000 Professional
      Windows Server 2008 (32 & 64 bit)
      Windows Server 2003 (32 & 64 bit)
      Windows 2000 Server Family
      Windows 7 (32 & 64 bit)
      Windows Vista (32 & 64 bit)
      Windows XP (32 & 64 bit)
      Windows 2000 Professional
      Windows Server 2008 (32 & 64 bit)
      Windows Server 2003 (32 & 64 bit)
      Windows 2000 Server Family
      Windows 7 (32 & 64 bit)
      Windows Vista (32 & 64 bit)
      Windows XP (32 & 64 bit)
      Windows 2000 Professional
      Windows Server 2008 (32 & 64 bit)
      Windows Server 2003 (32 & 64 bit)
      Windows 2000 Server Family
      know more ,please go here :

  136. come here to find the free software

  137. There are enough partition managers out there that work just as fine and not just for 24 hours

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