Does the iPhone X Appeal to You?

It’s hard to believe, but we’ve already had the iPhone for a decade. To celebrate, Apple announced not just their usual upgrades in the iPhone 8 line but also a brand new phone that they are calling the future of the smartphone – the iPhone X.

While the iPhone 8 has one set of new features, the iPhone X has even more, such as more screen real estate, no home button, and Face ID. Yet it also comes with a $1000 price tag. We asked our writers, “Does the iPhone X appeal to you?”

Our Opinion

Christopher made sure to steer clear of an anti-Apple rant, noting “spending over $1000 on a phone that’s going to be obsolete in a year, two tops, then ‘forcibly’ obsolete within two more, just makes no sense to me,” adding that it’s “far more expensive than it has any right to be.”

He views his tech purchases as investments into a more convenient and entertaining life, and he believes “Apple products in general have a reputation for planned obsolescence” that discourages him from choosing them.


Damien puts it very simply. “Beautiful? Yes. Appealing? Definitely. Useful? Maybe. Will I buy? No.” After all these years, he’s “too vested in the Android ecosystem” to ever consider a switch to iPhone. He enjoys the customizability he gets with Android and can’t see spending more money on a phone than he would a laptop.

While I had mentioned that I believe they will end up adding the iPhone X features to a cheaper phone at some point, Phil notes Apple is “world class experts at recovering the costs of development (and costly high precision and attention to detail) and the high-end expensive materials they use.”

Instead of lowering the launch price to attract buyers, he notes that Apple “front loads the pricing so that they recover their costs earlier,” and this is where their reputation for being more expensive comes from.

All that being said, the iPhone X is more gorgeous than he thought it would be, and it’s not even close to being a Samsung knockoff. He doesn’t think they made enough of a big deal of the new augmented reality capability, but he also realizes this is their strategy. He also likes that the the edge-to-edge screen is perfect for VR headsets.

Kenneth notes he wants to see a demo on the phone first before he decides. While he’s always had Androids, sharp displays matter the most to him. “Considering that the iPhone X ships with an OLED display with over two million pixels, it will likely blow every other phone in today’s market out of the water.” Additionally, the facial recognition with 3D imagery is a plus to him, as is the wireless charging and power.


Alex notes it is a “gorgeous device, but the lack of Touch ID really has me thinking twice, especially after the clunky onstage demo.” The OLED screen sounds impressive as well, but if he’s going to pay a laptop price for a smartphone, he wants to know it won’t give in to burn-in.

He’s all about the Apple ecosystem but doesn’t want to abandon the reliability and speed of Touch ID unless he sees a reason why he should. He was disappointed in the iPhone 8 with no major hardware improvements and figures they were focusing more on the iPhone X. What he was excited about, though, was the new cellular capability in the Apple Watch.

Like Alex, I’m all about the Apple ecosystem. I’ve never ventured away from it. But at the same time, I’m not always in love with their products. I am not a fan of the “Plus” size line of phones. I’m a smaller person with small hands. I stuck with my iPhone 5 for four years because both sizes of phone they were offering were larger. I’ve finally moved to the iPhone 7, which is a little bigger than my old 5, but I refuse to go all the way to a Plus.

Sure, I’d like the edge-to-edge screen and the Face ID of the X and even the better camera and editing features of the 8 Plus, but I will not sacrifice on the size. Besides I have a phone plan that will give me a new iPhone 8 this year for no extra with a trade-in. I will do that and enjoy the augmented reality and the wireless charging when it comes out.

Your Opinion

We’ve given you a lot to think about with our overall opinion on the Apple ecosystem and specifically the iPhone X. Do you agree with any of our writers, or do you have your won opinion? Does the iPhone X appeal to you? Let us know in the comments below.

Image Credit: Apple

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