DocuSign Allows You to Sign Documents Electronically

Signing documents has just become that much easier. So often I’ll get a contract via email, either for insurance, a new loan, or a new job, and I’m asked to sign it and send it back through email. While it’s not a difficult process, it can be somewhat of a pain to go through all the steps to get it signed and emailed back. The new app DocuSign Ink has just eliminated all of the hassle. And the best part yet is that I can do it all with my iPad or iPhone.

Previously, when I was emailed a document and asked to sign it, I’d need to print it, sign it in black ink, scan it, then email it. It doesn’t sound like a big hassle, but it’s enough of one that I often put it off, because my printer/scanner is wireless and located in a different room, so it takes running back and forth to the printer. It was even more of a hassle before I had a wireless printer, as I had to go and hook the laptop up to the USB. Now there’s no moving to a different room, and no printing or scanning. It’s all done on my iPad, but I could just as easily do it on my iPhone.

DocuSign Ink is a free app available for iPhones 3GS and up, iPod Touches 3rd Generation and up, and all iPads. Using it requires you to either create a free account with DocuSign, or sign in with a social network such as Facebook or Google. After a quick verification email, you’re ready to sign documents and fill out forms.


If you’re emailed a document to sign, touch the attachment and choose to Open In DocuSign Ink. This takes you directly to the app and prepares the document for you to sign it and/or fill it out. Additionally, you can take a picture of a printed document and import it into the app.


For testing purposes of the app, it gives you a fake document that’s included that allows you to try it out as well as set up your default signature and initials.


There are several different ways to fill out a form and or sign it. Not only can you add your signature, but you can also add your initials, the date, your name, check a box, or input text. This testing document shows you how to do all of them, and after you do this, your signature and initials are saved in the app. Any time you want to sign something afterwards, it’s just a matter of dragging it in there.


The text field allows you to put in any text you want, and is also adjustable. You can resize the text box to fit the area or the type you are entering. Additionally, when it adds your name to a document, it uses the name you used when you signed up. I signed up as “Laura Tucker”, but when I sign documents, I use my middle initial. When I add my name to the document, it allows me to edit, so I add in the “J”.


When you’re done filling out and signing the document, clicking Finish inserts the completed document as a .pdf into an email, and allows you to choose a recipient and add any more text you want.


The only downside I found with this is documents that are sent to you sideways. There is no way to rotate a signature or a document 90 degrees. You would have to import the document into an editor that would allow you to rotate the form, and at that point, it might be easier just to sign the form the old-fashioned way. DocuSign Ink also works with photos and screencaps, so you can also take a screenshot of the form and rotate it in photos. It is something to remember, though, as you can also request that people sending you forms remember to send them oriented correctly.


With so many less steps, and no trips to the printer/scanner, the document is signed, filled out, and sent. Not only can you use DocuSign Ink with documents from Mail, but it works with many other apps that have the “Open In” function, including Safari and DropBox.

Laura Tucker
Laura Tucker

Laura has spent nearly 20 years writing news, reviews, and op-eds, with more than 10 of those years as an editor as well. She has exclusively used Apple products for the past three decades. In addition to writing and editing at MTE, she also runs the site's sponsored review program.

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