Do You Wear a Smartwatch? [Poll]

Mobile devices keep making advances to make things easier and easier for us. One of the biggest trends lately is smartwatches, bringing the same technology just that much closer so that you can now access it on your wrist. Are you taking part in this new trend? Do you wear a smartwatch to keep up with technology?

Just like a smartphone doing more than just a regular mobile phone, a smartwatch does more than just a regular wristwatch. Along with keeping time, it allows you to play media, track fitness, and give the weather, and some connect to your smartphone allowing you to check or answer phone calls and texts. It makes it just that much easier, as you don’t have to fish your phone out of your pocket or bag. It’s all right there on your wrist. Sony makes an Android-compatible smartwatch, Pebble sells one that works with both Android and iOS, and the Samsung Galaxy Gear watch even comes with camera for you to spy on others.

Have you caught on with this trend? Does the convenience it offers you help you out? Do you wear a smartwatch?

Image Credit: pestoverde via Wikimedia Commons

Laura Tucker Laura Tucker

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