Do You Upgrade Your System Software Right Away?

Recently new versions of many of the most common operating systems were released. We’ve seen updates to Windows, Android, OSX, and iOS. But did you jump on the bandwagon and upgrade right away or did you decide to wait until all the hiccups in the new OS are ironed out?

No matter what type of device you’re using, there’s an operating system, or OS, for it. Windows, Android, OS X, iOS: Many users anxiously await new versions of these. It’s always fun to play with the upgrades. However, for as many people there are who can’t wait for these upgrades, there seems to be just as many who put them on blast right away, complaining that they liked the older version better or that the functions aren’t working. It doesn’t matter which OS it is; it seems like they all suffer through these growing pains.

Which camp do you fall into? Are you one to download the upgrades the day they are released? Or do you wait a few weeks hoping all the wrinkles will be ironed out? Perhaps you don’t upgrade at all as you don’t want anything at all changed on your device.

Do you upgrade your system software right away?


  1. Personally, I prefer to wait at least a few days, sometimes longer, before making major updates. Sure, updates can fix bugs and enhance features, but in many cases they can cause new issues to arise that may be harder to deal with than the ones that were already there.

    It doesn’t hurt to be cautious and take some looks around, you know?

  2. When it domes to OSs, I prefer to wait, when all of the “new” bugs, have been worked out. However, with Windows 10, I chose to upgrade way too early and just didn’t care for it. I back tracked to my Win 7 Pro 64Bit OS, within 5 or 6 days. Now, as far as other software is concerned, I try to update or upgrade, as soon as possible. Many times these updates or upgrades are for security software. Right now, I am seeing lots of activity with updates or upgrades, due to Windows 10. I want those updates or upgrades, for when I do really upgrade to Windows 10.

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