Poll: Do You Text While Driving?

Texting while driving is illegal in many different areas, yet it still goes on. There are plenty of people who think it will be okay for them to do it anyway, and their distraction causes an accident. Cars are mangled, and in some cases people die. Yet it still goes on.

A woman was checking her iPhone for texts while she was driving, and this led to a fatal crash. The families of those involved in the crash are now suing Apple, saying they knew their phones would be used in this manner and did nothing to prevent it. Additionally, Apple has a patent out on being able to render their phones unable to text while the user is driving, but they have not utilized it.

Meanwhile, it still goes on. Accidents still happen. People still die. How do you handle this? Regardless of whether or not it’s illegal where you live, be honest here. It’s anonymous. Do you text while driving?