Do You Rely on a Digital Personal Assistant? [Poll]

Digital personal assistants exist on most of our popular smartphones – Apple, Android, and Windows Phone. It’s a service that can do a lot for us, but not everyone utilizes it to its full capacity. What about you? Do you rely on a digital personal assistant?

Apple started the digital personal assistant revolution with Siri. Some people opted to get an iPhone just because they wanted to play with Siri. It can’t do everything you want it to, but it can be helpful in gathering information, getting the weather, sports scores, sending texts, posting to social networks, and setting up reminders. Google Now is no slouch doing many of the same tasks. And what’s even better is that it works multi-platform. Now Microsoft has Cortana. They are directly taking on the Siri market if you follow their commercials. They point out how much better Cortana is than Siri, how it does even more. It’s possible, if you use these services the right way, to have it run your whole life. Throughout these three systems, they can do many things.

But do you use one? Are you using a digital personal assistant to help you or do you just like to play with it occasionally? Do you forget that you have it or do you use a digital personal assistant to run your daily life?

Do you rely on a digital personal assistant?

Do you rely on a digital personal assistant?

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