Do You Take Extra Steps to Protect Yourself Online?

There are many different steps you can take to protect yourself online. Yet not everyone takes the time to do so. Some just leave it all to fate. What about you? Do you take extra steps to protect yourself online?

There are several steps you can take to protect yourself online. One of the most obvious ways is to install anti-virus and anti-spyware software. It’s not that expensive and can be installed fairly easily. You can also install a firewall as another line of defense. It works as a filter to keep unwanted information out. Using an anti-spam email provider can help you avoid a lot of unwanted spam emails from coming your way. These are just a few quick options, but they’re options that people who are concerned about their privacy usually exercise without question.

But is this a concern of yours? Not everyone feels the worry of their personal information being stolen online. They can be very trusting and just assume it’s going to be okay as long as they don’t do anything to bring on the unwanted attention.

What camp do you fall into? Do you take extra steps to protect yourself online or do you leave it up to fate and assume it’s all going to be okay?

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  1. While the steps you suggest are great, the first step should be to install a inherently secure O/S such as Unix, Linux or BSD. No matter how many patches (firewall, anti-malware, etc.) you apply to Windows, it will always leak like a sieve.

  2. Past two years not using 3rd party antivirus anymore just Windows Defender, frequent cleaning with Cleaner and running Superantispyware once a week, really it’s all you need to keep your system fresh.

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