Do You Feel Safe Storing Your Files/Information Online? [Poll]

The poll last week was “How Many Social Networks Are You Actively Involved?” and the results were out. A whopping 23% of you were not involved in any of the social networks. 34% of you, which is the majority, only actively involved in 1 social network while another bulk, with 27% were involved with 2 social networks. Those who are actively involved in 3 or more social networks took up the remaining 15%. None of you were involved in more than 10 social networks. A total of70 votes were casted.

Poll results and this week’s poll after the jump.


As the time we spent online increases, the amount of data that we placed online also increased. From your emails in Gmail, your friends information in Facebook, your confidential files in Dropbox, your credit card detail in Paypal, we almost throw our whole life onto the Web. The problem is – is it safe to do so?

Over the past few weeks and months, we have seen several high profile companies got hacked. Gawker, Mozilla, Trapster, to name a few. Million of usernames and passwords were leaked to the public. This is only the beginning and I am sure we bound to see more of such things happen.

So for this week poll, “Do You Still Feel Safe Storing Your Files/Information Online?

Let’s the voting begin.

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